A Holiday Meditation for the Season and Always

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I’ve reached into the archives for this previously shared poem. I pray these words, bless you and offer up encouragement for the approaching holiday season, and for every season of life.  Amen. 

May you find in Him the contentment and joy He alone secures!


be my contentment;

in you I am complete.

Be my portion, come satisfy

where hope and my longing meet.

Your light is a guide for me;

my gaze turns wholly towards you-

only you  can satisfy

with all that’s holy and true.

Remind me in the darkness

that I am embraced by your light,

a lamb on your chest, securely held-

carried through impending night.

I look to you, but still fear

desires will overtake me.

Jesus, be my contentment-

in your light and life I am free-

wholly content and satisfied

by your blood and faithful decree.

I have not been doing a lot of writing at this time, but you can read my last post on Advent here: On the Need for Advent . I also recorded myself reading the same post – on Anchor and Spotify if you want to give a listen. Let me know if you have any trouble. Here is a trailer for those who would rather have a 60 second taste instead of a 5 minute meal- TRAILER with music . Ha! I really was just experimenting and exploring, so there is that little fact. 

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