200 Day Journal Prompts 79 and 80

It’s a mid-week double! As many of you know, I missed Monday, but we will be right on schedule with a little flexibility.

Let’s get to it!

Prompt 79 – In a Pandemic

I’ve mostly avoided this topic directly, but thought this would be a good time to work it – if you feel it is something you want to allow yourself to journal. I will make a couple of suggestions, but as always, this is your journaling practice. See if my suggestions help, if they don’t feel free to dismiss them.

I think this opening might allow for some distance if you write it down repeatedly…sometimes when you repeat a line, you might find after a few rounds, the deeper thoughts, issues, truest observations will surface.

When you do this, just keep coming back to “In a pandemic…” in written form whenever you feel stuck. So sitting quietly, pic up your pen, take a few breaths- allowing yourself to settle in the place you are, and begin to write when you are ready,

In a pandemic...


You can make a title at the top of the page (Collection style for Bullet Journal folks) and write everything that comes list style. If you get stuck, instead of writing you could say out loud the words, “In a Pandemic…” and continue your list


Try a mind map style. In the center circle – OR anywhere you like on the page, and with any shape (square, triangle etc), write the prompt, and then have at it, adding to your mind map as it suits you.

Prompt 80 – Try Something New!

This prompt can be combined with Prompt 79 as one feels led.

What is something new you can try? What are some things you have been toying with trying but have not? What new thing could you try that would be a surprise to you? What is something new you might try that would surprise others?


Try something new in a Pandemic? What new thing might you try during this pandemic? Or what new things have you tried that have worked well? Not worked out? What have you learned from the experience?

Please remember, your journal is a judgement free zone. Keep the criticism out of the process…this is KEY for a freeing journaling session.

If you are one who has been trying new things- whether products, classes, skills, list the new things tried …in this pandemic.


you can list every single NEW thing you have made or bought …in this pandemic!

I hope this journaling prompt duo will help you discover some new things …in this pandemic!

Stay well- in ALL the ways- physically, mentally , emotionally, spiritually, financially…ALL the ways you can! May God bless and keep you!

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