200 Day Journal – Prompt 78 (late!)

I am publishing this post on Tuesday morning the 3rd of November – yesterday (Monday ) I hadn’t realized I did not schedule Prompt 78 but just had written it. I went about my day Monday assuming all was well in journal prompt land! Lo and behold I discovered my folly sitting to write our prompt for today…so I apologize for the oversight for those of you who may have been wondering. On the bright side, I had a wonderful day off with my daughter which included a hike a movie – with popcorn. Buttered of course. We watched the 2005 rendition of Pride and Prejudice. I fell in love with it. I confess I have never read the book! I know, I know…I need to. Of course I fell inlove with Mr. Darcy…and Mr. Bingley! AND the characters – all of them,,,except the annoying ones. Perhaps this is a good inroad to today’s – I mean yesterday’s -prompt even if a day late… I will post prompt 79 with prompt 80 together most likely!

Meanwhile…let’s do this, shall we?

We have a gentle prompt as we come into the new month. As we begin this month of thanksgiving, we can begin grappling with hope for our holidays, and what is to come in a new year if the Lord allows it.

Let’s reflect, and give thanks, even as we journal daily all month long. After all we have an extra hour to do so. Prime journaling time, friend.

Prompt 78 “We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everwhere.” Tim Mcgraw

Sit quietly, read the quote and write it in your journal, if you like. Take some relaxing breaths, allow your mind to shift into the reflective writing mode. Ponder who you’re carrying with you in your heart, mind, memory.

Simply respond to this prompt however it leads.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.

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