200 Day Journal- Prompt 71

No other word strikes a chord in the heart of humanity as much as the word family. The prompt we are partnering with for today’s journey will lead you down some interesting paths, and hopefully they will be enjoyable ones. However, as always, one man’s pleasure is another man’s pain. So be gentle with yourself and keep it light, or let it lead you down whatever roads will be most helpful for you in your journaling journey at this time.

Prompt 71: It Runs In The Family

I saw this title and had to smile initially, though it can potentially go in a positive or negative direction, depending on your experiences and how you decide to frame your life’s circumstances. Either way, I hope you will have fun unpacking this prompt and it’s possibilities. I’ll jump start the journey, but feel free to hop off anywhere along the way that suits you!

Option 1: Well, let’s start with the obvious – what comes to mind as you consider things that run in the family, looking at parents, biological, adoptive or otherwise…look for those qualities that jump out , tell a story about the discovery of something you realized was a link to one of your parents, or family that you could say, runs in the family. You could also just go for some randoms that you see first, and then narrow in on one particular quality, behavior, or connection. Try not to judge but write your observations. Write for your own personal discovery without concerning yourself with any possibility of audience. See if there are some new things you see, the perceptions that come with age can be humbling AND liberating. Though these may seem like familiar roads, be prepared to look, as Proust has said so well, with new eyes.

Option 2: I am really tumbling this prompt a bit , but maybe someone needs these tumbled prompt options! Here we go…

~Our family runs on_________________________________________. (Hopefully, you did not say, “Dunkin”! But, if you did, no judgement, honestly! Just was seeing if you were paying attention. Maybe you have a family that runs together, or runs for political office. Find the connections of who you are as a family, who you are as individuals and how these come together for better and worse to be something unique and beautiful.

…what is it that you wish your family would do more of NOW together? Or think of something you did in the past that you no longere do, or maybe you do but differently. Acknowledge that in writing and journal about then and now. Look with those new eyes again, and find the good to focus on, and maybe ideas for what can be built on.

Option 3: Respond to the quotes in relation to the prompt OR on their own as you feel led!

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

“What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.” – Mother Teresa

“The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved.”― Victor Hugo

On a side note but NOT unrelated to the topic, I want to share a friend of mine with you. My friend, Molly Totoro, fellow journal lover, writing buddy and author, former school English teacher, forever dog-lover and geneology explorer, has a new blog, and if you are interested in exploring geneology you just might want to join her as she works on her latest writing endeavor. If you are so inclined, head over to her place Family Story Matters. I am grateful for the friendship Molly and share, having connected through our love for journaling, writing and sharing our passions with others. We try to keep each other in check with our writing lives. While I am singing her praises, I will mention that she has recenty donated her time, efforts and skill to published a book for a dog rescue in Kansas– you can check it out on Amazon, as well as the rest of her excellent books on her Author page on Amazon. I will be doing some interviews in 2021 and Molly is on that awesome list!

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  1. Okay, here goes again. I typed a wonderful long comment and then lost it because WordPress said I wasn’t logged in, so where was I? Oh, yes, Hi Dawn, this is Pam…remember me from our Random Journal Days and at Closed Doors, Open Windows? I’ve been checking out your journal prompts and this one today really hit me, and I wanted to thank you for the link to Molly at Family Story Matters. I am also working on my genealogy, but haven’t been writing too much about it yet. I was saving it up for a big story later, but now seeing her writing about it is inspiring me to get started on sharing what I am learning instead of waiting until it is all figured out. Thank you for your constant enthusiasm for writing. You have always been a blessing to me, and I appreciate your dedication to journaling. Thank you again! Have a blessed and wonderful day, “old friend” from way back when! LOL

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    1. I am so glad you retyped! I have had that happen so many times when I have made the longest most thought out comments that I know copy before publishing just in case! You are always in my heart Pam! You and our beginning little bunch of onine Journalers who just shared our hearts…keep our friend Cecelia Lster also in prayer! I’ll e-/-mail you and Susie over the weekend…HUGS! Molly is a great addition to our little community!


  2. Thank you SO much, Dawn, for the shout out! I love today’s prompt and I am certain it will not only provide great journaling explorations, but it is also fantastic for genealogy research. For example, I recently reviewed articles from the small-town Texas newspaper where Mom grew up. I discovered my “music gene” came from Mom’s paternal side of the family. Apparently, the Dowdy quartet often sang at local church meetings 🙂

    I’m so glad the internet – and our love of journaling – brought us together. I look forward to many collaborations in the future!

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