200 Day Journal – Prompt 69 and a Bonus

Welcome, Welcome, I finally made it and not a moment to soon…or too late I should say. Well it was bound to happen. But here we are, I hope you are ready to have a 10 minute journaling session with one of the prompts I have for you.

Prompt 69- Food is the universal language of love.

No matter which way you slice it food is usually a productive, you might say fruitful, journaling prompt! Regardless of your personal history, ethnic background, dietary challenges…food is, as the prompt says, the universal language of love.

This prompt can go many ways…even hard ways if you are able to go there with you pen. So let’s take a moment and sit quietly, allowing our hearts and minds to settle…maybe a candle will add to your ability to enjoy the prompt. Maybe clearing your writing space, or playing soothing music. But I encourage you to do something for yourself that allows you to shift into a reflective mode. Once you are ready, sit and ponder this prompt.

When you feel ready to respond, pick up your pen, or rub your hands together over your keys. No judgements allowed. Be brave and write what comes to your mind and heart in your quiet contemplative moment. Write until you feel you have nothing more to say… then you can reread what you wrote.

If you need more ways to approach the prompt or just like to come at things from different angles, try these as an appetizer:

Food memories are so often tied to traditions and special occasions, go there is you feel led. Jot your most loving food memories down, and let them lead you to beautiful memories of love, loved ones and better days.

Or for some philosophical meandering, and roads that may lead off the beaten path…

How is food the universal language of love?

How has my relationship with food changed over the years?

If food is the universal language of love, how am I speaking to those I love?

How does considering this statement change how I might perceive others?

What does it mean for those who consume too much? What does it mean for those who consume too little, and what does it mean for those who have abundant choice?

What does it mean for those with no choice at all in what their food intake is? Or for those who go without food or live on rations, or worse?

If I could change one thing about my diet, or dietary habits or the way I see food, what would it be?

If the planet earth could talk about food and love to humans, what might it say?

I will let your heart, mind, spirit and soul take you whereever this prompt leads…remember, take what is useful, forget the rest!

Meanwhile, I offer you an alternative writing promt for now, or another time as I write to you from a kitchen table quite full of randoms from a busy 24 hours…and it got me thinking about the requirements of writing we set for ourselves…the rituals, rules and ways we like to have our ducks in a row, ideally when we are going to write, or create, or study etc. And how life does not always provide us with the ideal settings and circumstances for our journaling practice, or for the meaningful activities that add depth to our lives. Sometimes, I think we have to just ignore the excuses…because really, that is what they are. The dishes in the sink, the cluttered counters, the things that can be done, must be done, and will be done. But, if they always get done but keep you from setting yourself down to scratch out a few lines of poetry, or music notes; or if they keep you from taking five minutes to write in your gratitude journal, or reflect on the day or just be at peace with being. Sometimes our busy lives crowd us to the point we don’t remember what makes us feel alive, that thing that seems to get pushed to the side but sparks joy, enthusiasm and energy to tackle life and those dishes and other piles of stuff happily.

So what is this prompt? Journal about the THING (s) that you do, that gets pushed aside but when you do it, is something that GIVES energy and increases your sense of joy in all areas. Likewise journal about something you do that leaves you full of regret, is draining and depletes your ability to do what you love most. Watch out, this one can surprise you.


Journal about your immediate surroundings, in detail and how they are now, how you prefer them, and write in detail about the distractive potential around you and how you can choose (!) to ignore it or how you can’t. Take notes and set yourself up for a successful journaling practice by considering what details you would like to attend to to enjoy your journaling time wherever it may or may not be!

Happy journaling! Remember if you are new here…head over to this page!

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