Saying Goodbye to The Most Interesting Dog in the World

Today I am sharing a poem I wrote this week as I prepared to say goodbye to our boy, Banjo. Banjo came into our lives in 2008. This past Saturday we said goodbye to him. The past few years have held too many goodbyes for us, but this year- both our cat Aurora -my beloved sidekick (since 2004) and our rescued Ozark Mountain Dog from Arkansas, Banjo have gone the way that cannot be known.

I’ve only had two dogs in my life, a stray named Friend I let follow me home as a kid and hid in my garage. Once Friend was discovered by our landlord at the time, my mom promptly took him to the pound. Enter Banjo, a complicated blend of Pyrenees, Retriever and Anatolian Shepherd we adopted primarily for our daughter but also as a family pet. Is there ever a right time to adopt a pet?

From Arkansas, to West Greenwich, Rhode Island, and our move to Narragansett…through heartache, losses, daily dramas…he worked his way into our hearts.

Funny thing about dogs…they weave their way into your cat-loving heart when you’re not even realizing it. I’ve always been a cat person. But when a dog takes your heart, it’s a bit different.

Banjo was a rock star. He had his own Facebook Page and a hashtag (#banjothemostinterestingdogintheworld) I used for him- and yes that is the longest hashtag in history!

I’ve written about him a few times…and he was a model for a calendar one year. He was best known for his howling at firetrucks (I convinced him the sirens were his dog-pack leaving town), and his extremely long peeing sessions. We are fairly convinced he had three bladders. But that is unconfirmed.

He had a brother and sister we met in East Providence as they made their way to their own homes in Vermont and Massachusetts.

Goodbye to The Most Interesting Dog in the World

Be at peace, be at peace, dear one-
our sweet old boy,

Be at peace, be at peace-
wake to eternal joy.

No more suffering, no more pain
maybe you’ll see your littermates again.

They say there’s a special place
our faithful companions go-

But I’m still learning heaven and
there are things I’ve yet to know.

Goodbye my old friend,
trusting, stoic and loyal to the end.

Goodbye for now,
I’ll not speak of your demise-

but remember our happy times-
forever a puppy in our eyes.

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I have opened Banjo’s age again so we can take a look back. It’s here if you want to visit.

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7 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to The Most Interesting Dog in the World

  1. Dear Banjo, such a big ole sweetness piled into all that fur! Eyes of an Angel he had and good at hugs. He made a dream come true when I got to hug on him and tolerated that as well ❤️ He is playing in his field for now until you meet again. Love to you all my friends.


  2. Awww, such a heartfelt poem. He was the most interesting dog, and the longest peeing dog I have ever seen. He knew how much you loved him.


  3. This is just heartbreaking Dawn. Banjo has been a very important member of your sweet family. I am so sorry. I know the grief that is still coming in the days ahead. You really don’t know what a big hole they leave until you have to experience it. I will be prayer for your family.


  4. I know you are missing your sweet and very interesting companion, “Banjo”. We will miss hearing about him, but know that he is romping through the fields of doggy glory and loving every minute of his freedom from the restraints of this earth. Someday we will have our own turn at that true freedom, and we won’t grieve anymore for those who went on before us, for we will finally all be “home where we belong”. Praying for you now to be comforted.

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  5. I am so deeply sorry for your family’s enormous new loss. My heart grieves with yours over Aurora. My Little Bit is 15 and recently dx’d hyperthyroid; our old man, Salem, is 15+ and was just dx’d with both high blood pressure, and kidney disease.I can only believe that all our loved animals will indeed be waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge, where we will all cross into Heaven together.Much love dear friend, Trece

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