Fitting in Fitness with a Dog (5 Reasons Dog Walking is Good For You)

When all else fails,
turn to the dogs!

That’s the way to get it done.


Just walk.

You don’t have a dog? 
Borrow one from your neighbor!
Imagine he is your own fur wearing treadmill.
He is your Personal Trainer.
How can you say no, to those pleading eyes? 

Here are 5 reasons why walking a dog is good for You:

1. Walking a dog helps you get a little exercise in without it seeming like “exercise”.
2. Dogs are great teachers of routine. You walk the dog at 9 AM a few days and they will be at the door expecting the walk. Every day. It’s like having a Personal Trainer show up. With twice the guilt. 
3. Hooray for outside activity. Getting outdoors is key to your well being and emotional health!
Unless you have side by side treadmills, you will be in God’s beautiful creation. You and doggie, can explore together. Who knows what you will see and find! 
4. This can go either way, but most dogs are great pacers. They can jog a bit, walk and keep pace with their owner. So you and your pooch can actually get fit together.
5. Spending time with animals, especially our pooches has been shown to soothe the soul. 
Contact with our pet is quality care for our emotional well being. 

Now get out there and walk your dog!

 Good Dog! 

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