George Bailey Meets the Twilight Zone


My favorite Christmas movie happens to be It’s a Wonderful Life. A few years back I wrote about it, well at least about how I feel such a great kinship with the character George Bailey. Don’t we all relate to George Bailey on some level?

I love so much of the subtle underlying messages that come through in this story, as well as the characters portrayed. However, in order for there to be more connection to MY wonderful life, there would have to be a collision with The Twilight Zone. I thought I’d revisit this post from the archives.

Here’s the way I see it…


I relate to George Bailey. A lot.

I mean, who, in all honesty, hasn’t had their share of adversity?

Who hasn’t had a plan, plucked out of their hand or watched a dream die a slow, painful death as it drifted further from the shore of possibility?

Who hasn’t pondered their own significance or perceived lack thereof?

Who hasn’t raised their fist at God, hung their head low, and lost what they thought was all hope for the future?

I watch George Bailey and my heart beats a similar drum- I feel his frustration, struggle with his desire to hold fast to the dreams longing to erupt from within. There are days when I have scratched my head and wondered aloud before God. I want Him to intervene.

I look around and I know I’m supposed to see a wonderful life but wait…I’m not there yet.

Enter The Twilight Zone. I grew up watching Rod Serling. A debonair host of tales which end with a disturbing turn of events…always. Perhaps that’s where it all went wrong. Because really, this is more of how my life feels on a daily basis. You want a glimpse into my life? At any moment, when you least expect it- the bizarre scene, the scary music, the macabre twist. Have you ever felt you were living inside a scene of The Twilight Zone?

Back to George. See the fact is we all have dreams, right? I mean, BIG dreams. Dreams we bury down and forget, until we start losing sleep about something we need to do before we leave this planet and enter our eternal heavenly home.

Back to Rod and the macabre twist. Wait. Hold that thought.

Enter Clarebel. I’m pretty convinced there is an angel earning wings on my behalf. *Possibly a legion. Because my God, promises never to leave nor forsake me, but still I sometimes try to put some distance between us. Not overtly. I’m way too spiritual for that. By the time I realize the distance, I can see God’s open arms but the scary music is all I hear and let’s face it, if you’ve seen the intro for The Twilight Zone, well that’s pretty much my stream of consciousness at that point. It’s really hard to hear God over that noise. Yeesh!

You still with me?

Back to Rod…and the macabre twist. I know that I have eternal life, forgiveness, a Faithful God. But Israel still flows through my veins. I want to please God. But then I tire of Manna. I want to pray but I’m too busy complaining about the darn  cucumbers left behind in Egypt. I want to say “Yes, Lord” but I delay, doubt, hold back. “What is the bleating of sheep you hear?”

It’s called trusting in the arm of man. My own reach, ability, plan. Forgive me, Lord.

Recently I shared about a sweet quote that I happened upon and how it jumped out at me and claimed my attention. “What’s for you will not pass you.”

You know the Israelites were in the ultimate Twilight Zone. Yet they stayed there because of their own stubbornness… am I not guilty of the same sin? 

How often do we allow ourselves to suffer consequences because we just don’t want to accept what God is giving? How often do we think His arm is too short? 

Lord, I pray that I would trust that what you have for me will not pass me. I also pray, Lord for anyone reading this post who needs to remember that you are faithful and true.You are a God that lifts the chin and looks upon the face with adoration, complete. You are a God who loves and restores the crops that the locusts have eaten.

You lead to a land flowing with milk and honey and you are a God who does not withhold that which is good for those you love.Oh, Lord that we, that I, would believe this to the core.Lord, let us not only say that you’re good BUT believe it from the heart and live like we do. Amen.

Back to A Wonderful Life…

In the end sometimes, the macabre is the blessing. As we release our grip on our own ability to “make things happen” and trust God from the heart, He will act on our behalf. We die to self and as we let go of that which we would (in our flesh) want to cling to, we are freed to live and move and have our being in Him…In the end isn’t that the way out of the Twilight Zone? Isn’t that the rescue we need?

Maybe it is a wonderful life after all.
Remember if it is His will, it will not pass you.
He will bring it to pass.
Clinging to this hope with you.

Clinging to the hope that is eternal.

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  1. Thank you, Dawn. I have written down “Lord, I pray that I would trust that what you have for me will not pass me.” I think it will help, at least, I pray it does. Love you.


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