All I Ever Learned in Life I Learned from Planner People

I wanted to let you know of the latest article published over at Carie Harling’s Paper Planning Magazine. When I wrote this article last year, it was a semi-tribute to the many contributors who have impacted my plannerly lifestyle. The list isn’t exclusive, I could have added a number of other names, and stories but for the sake of simplicity, I went with the milestones moments in my planner saturated journey.

It’s a funny thing about stories. Generally, we, as human beings tend to like stories. Stories are the basis for the foundations of the world and are in many ways foundational to who we are as people. Our stories define us, connect us and inspire us. It has been said that love makes the world go ‘round, but I’d dare argue, it’s actually the stories about love that make the world go ‘round. That being said, and this article being shared with a certain group of people, who have a kinship surrounding their own love stories about planners, journals, and notebooks will afford me the opportunity to share my story. Which probably, in one way or another, will remind you, of your own story. At least in the world of planners and such.

So, we begin. Once upon a time…OK, no. But, don’t all stories start out this way? Too cliché? Fine. Let’s try this: In the beginning… wait, what? Too epic? Ugh. Let’s just start AT the beginning of my planner journey. As in before, what many of us acknowledge as “falling down the rabbit hole” or the place many of us now dwell, with Alice.

Head on over to Carie’s place to finish reading…

If you leave a comment over there, I’ll catch up with you there- with a response!

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3 thoughts on “All I Ever Learned in Life I Learned from Planner People

  1. You know me and my planner journey. We’ve both been kind of on the ADHD side. A lot of gung-ho starts only to fizzle out. I do better with actual journaling, but these days I am hooked on the Happy Planner. I’m not at the addict level of the women I see in the groups on Facebook, but it is fun to decorate with all those cute little stickers!

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    1. Hi STacy! I love the Happy Planner and especially their stickers! My journaling is a mainstay. Plannering well- I use one for work and one for this year BUT I love all the different kinds and I will be reviewing a new one here soon! lol. I do not like the overwhelming amount of options out there but they are a current consumer trend so SATURATION time.


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