Apples (God Knows Where I Am)


“Dear, God, please save me, I’m trying, but I don’t know what to do.” from documentary God Knows Where I Am.


As promised, my second poetic reflection after watching the documentary God Knows Where I Am- about the life of Linda Bishop. The documentary offers much to consider on the subjects of homelessness, mental health care, mental illness and our current healthcare system. I am not strong in these kinds of debates and discussions. But what I do offer is here in this small poem.

You can see the first poem, called What Matters Not HERE.

I have included the trailer for the movie below. Please take a moment and watch it. For more information go to God Knows Where I Am website.

Apples (God Knows Where I Am)

Hungry, cold, alone-
her shadow follows the river
through her dream, awake

finding home
at last by the orchard, trees laden-
branches heavy with ripe apples

she lays down in the soft, yellow grass,
surrounded by blush-colored fallen fruit,
looks up to sun-beams through golden leaves

Autumn has kissed most of the green away
upon its arrival, October enchants-
she is smitten

as sunshine dances over her body,
a ballet of warm light, she gives thanks.
She is content to stay.


“I’m so glad I found the 23 Psalm. He leads me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. God knows where I am.” –excerpt from Linda Bishop’s journal



All images and quotes are from Thirteen  and PBS

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