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I have not been choosing to do Book Reviews for awhile now, but recently Julie, at Handlebar, reached out to me about reviewing My Holy Bible for Girls, Journal Edition. 

Since the Bible is my main interest and journaling my passion, how on earth could I say no?

I couldn’t. At least I didn’t.

So let me tell you what I think about this particular offering from Zondervan to the Bible Reading and Faith Journaling Communities.



First of all, as first impressions go, this Bible is beautiful. The cover design is colorful but not overly childish in presentation, which means that it is likely to appeal to all ages of girls. Including “older ” girls. Ahem. Personally, I love the look of this Bible enough that I plan on keeping it, even though I have a Bible I currently enjoy.

Second detail I find to be positive is the size. I measured the dimensions at 8 1/4 inches tall and a bit over 6 1/4 inches across. It is compact but not too small. The size is just right in my opinion. The thickness is just about 1 1/2 inches between the thick front and back cover.

The third detail adding to the overall attractiveness of this book, is the pink elastic closure which compliments the tiny pink butterflies (and other pink shapes) adorning the turquoise, white and gold designs on the outer cover.

The light blue bookmark completes the eye pleasing portion of the Bible’s appeal.




Moving beyond the superficial attributes of the Bible and getting to the details of what makes it unique in the Bible Journaling realm. This is great for a gift and includes a presentation page, as most Bibles do, after which is a “How To Use This Bible” page. The suggestions are aimed at encouraging writing out questions and thoughts, drawing as a way to help remember passages and stories, and even documenting diary style. There are some prompts as well, to inspire and support godly thinking and reflection. There are minimal Bible helps, which is fine by me.  I love that this Bible  prioritizes scripture while leaving all extra room for the Journaling Girl ‘s ramblings. There are plenty of Study Bibles, and Bible helps available but I think this Bible maintains its focus by being exactly what its says it is, a Journal Edition instead of attempting to do it all. Obviously that would impact its size so, it seems rather impractical anyway.

A feature I find especially intriguing as one who writes in her Bible – more than draws, is the lines coordinating to the lines of scripture. I pulled out the ruler to see if my eyes were deceiving me. The ability to note, highlight or question on the accompanying line makes sense to me. I write in my Bibles frequently. I think there is a decent amount of space to write and the size of the lines and font work. I think it would also lend itself well to prayer, especially scripture prayers and affirmations.

Of course those who love to draw, sketch and doodle in their Bibles can have that freedom (the lines are not overly dark) but also feel free to use the lines as guides for their notes or creativity.

I noticed as of January they are offering this Bible in Pink, Purple and Mint color options as well. Think it might be time for “girls” of all ages to get their Bible Journaling on!

I’m linking Zondervan with the most recent release and specifics: NIV Holy Bible for Girls, Journal Edition

The NIV Holy Bible for Girls, Journal Edition is available at all major booksellers.

Thanks to Julie and Handlebar for sending this Bible my way in exchange for a review.

All opinions are my own. Obviously.



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3 thoughts on “Review of NIV Holy Bible for Girls, Journal Edition

  1. Great review Dawn – I have this Bible in BOTH blue and pink and both are gorgeous (if I was PRESSED to choose I probably am leaning slightly towards the blue as my favorite cover but it really depends on my mood – I love them both – I could not bear to part with either!)

    For anyone who is considering this Bible, even though it is marketed for girls, it is PERFECT for women who love to journal – I think the cover looks like an elegant journal with the beautiful gold foil!

    I also agree that the size of the Bible is perfect for toting around. The only thing I don’t like about it is the print is smaller than I prefer (but that’s the trade-off – larger print means larger size…)

    I have a few Journaling Bibles in a slightly larger font that increase the thickness and I don’t like the extra width for writing and toting so it’s a trade-off.

    Anyway enjoy our new Bible (and for those of you who use Illustrated Faith supplies for artistic journaling – the colors of their products go beautifully with these books!)


  2. Hm. I want to take a look at this in real life. The first thing I thought of when I began to read your review was my dear lively granddaughter, who at age 9, already exhibits the heart of a writer and journaler. (Well, she even did several years ago!). She reads the Bible regularly under her other grandma’s coaching, asks me questions from her heart about Bible things when we get alone quiet talk time together, and her favorite color is pink–“hot pink,” she always clarifies. This sounds perfect for her, and perhaps for me to have in concert with her. Comparing and chatting about our notes and journaling could prove very interesting.
    Thanks for this review. Really glad you did it.)


  3. Wow what a great looking journaling Bible. I saw one the other day with coloring prompts already done on the side to color which was nice but I also love this one with the blank lines to actually journal along side. So nice! Fantastic review!


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