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Early in my Blogging journey, I did my first 31 day challenge on the theme of Thanksgiving. It was an instrumental exercise in building writing momentum and discipline. I discovered camaraderie, fellowship and support for my beginning blogging years.

The year was 2011. My writing rhythm developed quickly and I felt as if I was moving forward in my writing life. I began doing Guest Posts, enjoying new writing opportunities and friendships. I continued to see growth and progress during this time.

Because I had such a positive experience with Write 31 Days, I participated in a few more rounds over the next few years. Each time the challenge fueled my enthusiasm, energy and passion for writing and the relationships that develop with fellow writers who join in for the journey.

Prior to 2014, I was planning on moving forward with publishing goals. I was fortunate to receive a coaching conversation with  Dan King and a wealth of information when invited to partake in some wonderful author opportunities with Lisa Tener.

Unfortunately for me, I still was unclear to what was the optimal path. I was encouraged to do what many bloggers were doing- taking the material on their blogs and publish an e- book. As I started to look at the amount of work I had accrued,  I became overwhelmed. I had easily tripled the average word count for a book. As I considered this and the volume, it became  harder to determine which theme to focus on and share, and the thought of writing three books deterred me from finishing the one.

I pulled back and revised my focus, restructured my writing goals and let life lead me on. Eventually I reestablished myself and my focus, I knew that I couldn’t focus on writing three books at once, I needed to prioritize one.

In 2013  I participated in an online writing class, and in 2014 I joined a local Writers’ Group. I stuck with the local writer’s group and decided that online class was not what I needed at the time.

I also changed my blog address from Blogger to WordPress; and my  blog title from  Beneath the Surface: Breath of Faith to  the still current Enthusiastically, Dawn. 

Due to my participation with   The Neighborhood Guild Writers Group  my work has been published in two anthologies and beginning in 2015 I began to submit my work for further publication. I also began local public readings along with our group, and even had the opportunity to sit on an author’s panel at the library.

I did not participate in the October Writing Challenge in 2015 as I was hoping to wrap up revising and editing my manuscript.

It’s been quite a journey. And there has been slow, but somewhat steady progress. I’ve had a number of unique opportunities.  I’ve made friends with artists, writers, and creators from around the world. I found “my people”, and they were not who I thought they would be BUT they are so much more than I imagined. Let’s just say when you connect with your people, you know it. This brought me into the world of You Tube…another place I never imagined I’d be, but all to my benefit, as I realized being my  impulsive, unpretentious, goofy self might be an encouragement to others. Who knew?

Ironically. writing 31 Days in 2014 helped clarify my vision. It also allowed me to combine my love for coaching, teaching and encouraging others with my passion for Planning and Journaling. Planner Boot Camp was born, and the third Official Planner Bootcamp is  slated for 2017.

When I started this post tonight, I was going to confess I wasn’t  sure I  wanted to continue writing for many reasons…but suddenly as I sit here contemplating all that has transpired since paragraph one…it all seems irrelevant.

Instead I want to say this: Just keep writing.

Here’s a question for you, what “Phases” has your writing gone through?

Where has your writing journey led you that you did not anticipate?

What Phase are you in now?

Thanks for reading – I know this was a long one. Almost my last one! THis was almost the post that stated: I quit! Of course, it was going to be stated eloquently, like ” I am so not doing this. Sorry and Ba -bye! ”


This is my story, this is my song…


I am Writing Redeemed in October for 31 Days, 


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Dawn Paoletta is the author of Journaling for Discovery and Delight. Her writing is included in several anthologies and her poems have been included in the Wickford Poetry and Art Exhibit and Books. Dawn is currently working on her next book. Inquiries at dawn.paoletta@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “Writing Phases

  1. Enjoyed reading the phases of your writing…I would have to say my writing phase at this time is “stuck”!! I am plugging along trying to catch up on the write31days series; which is the FMF free writes. I’ve posted 1st – 14th, and that is at least almost half-way! I will keep on; but still not “feeling it” and maybe dragging my feet a bit. I think I’ve been “stuck” ever since the issues with my blog and having to create a new one and not having much traffic or viewers or readers or comments…OK, I’ll stop whining!!! I really need to just write, and do some reading and leave it out there for anyone who may need to read what I’ve written…always enjoy reading your words, Dawn! Thank you!


    1. Barbara, you are such an encouragement to many. I think the more “loves” …passions we have , the harder it gets to fit them all in. There are only so many hours in the day…and even crazy creatives need to sleep now and again! Keep on , my friend! I am giving my self permission to start, and stop as I see fit for this challenge this year…NO CATCHING UP. Miss a few days? Just jump back in WRITE where you are…- you know how I feel about this! Take the pressure off, let go of the burden, enjoy the journey…You’ve got this…the question is…ALWAYS, do you really want it (at this moment)? HUGS!


  2. I believe all writers go through phases. I have written poetry, plays, fiction, Biblical fiction, Christian plays, and skits. But what I like best is writing the Christian essays and meditations. One day soon, I hope to finish my manuscripts. I have two and see if I can find a publisher. If I can’t find one, that’s all right because God knows what He has planned for me. I did step away from writing for several years. But I came back to it.


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