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Welcome to the halfway point of our journey through 31 Days of Writing in October. My topic: Writing Redeemed. The title of this series is meaningful yet vague enough to leave lots of wiggle room!

Today I am sharing some thoughts on how I define my relationship with my writing.

I want to be honest about my relationship with writing and assure you that whether or not I ever publish “The Great American Novel”, I will write because it’s a part of who I am at the   cellular level. I consider myself an Organic Writer. I have been exposing my soul on paper for many years through the practice of writing.

No,  I don’t write about food or gardening. But, I consider my writing to be organic, because it is produced from my living.

My writing is not necessarily to share, though sometimes I do.

Not for profit, but perhaps someday.

I don’t write to show how incredibly articulate I am- that would quickly reveal my lack.

Nor do I write because I think I am an incredibly good writer, though I think some people believe I do think this way!

I write despite it all for the reasons exactly opposite of most of these statements.

If you want to know why I write I have written it clearly and passionately here: Why Do You Write?

The primary reason I write above all other reasons is to know …or more accurately,  to discover, Who I  Am.

I consider my writing organic, as I resist and resent prompts…but prefer to respond to my own experience in time. Prompts are like boxes to me. Most of the prompts I have shared are taken from my own personal writing journey. Most of my musings are of the beneath the surface kind, the unseen realm of soul-searching in the spiritual realm.

My default practice has never been to pick up the phone or to talk about it…I have been picking up the pen since the tumultuous years of my youth.

I have sought salvation and sanity through writing.

This is why I say my writing is organic…it is from the living source within me. My own organic matter…my soul, spirit and will working together, seeking and discovering truth along the journey of life.

It is also the story of one girl seeking to know the One True God, and discovering the significance of it all for her life.

I just don’t have any other words.

This is my story, this is my song…


I am Writing Redeemed in October for 31 Days, 




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  1. I love “listening “to your writing and feeling the Word through it and experiencing new feelings and emotions. Thank you for being honest and real Dear Sister in Christ. I hope this response works this time

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  2. I see you used my image (I’m the photographer and model). Thank you so much for using it and thank you for giving me credits! I appreciate it ❤ And I love the fact you used it for growth since that was the concept of the image.


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