When All Your Bridges Are Burning



Sometimes words capture us and hold us hostage until we figure out why they resonate so. Have you ever had that happen? You’re drawn to a quote, Bible Verse, comment, song…or a book cover.

The words keep calling you to dance, at least in your mind.

I have this happen often…but especially when I am feeling overwhelmed.

Oh, and Quick Fact about me…I live in the Land of Overwhelm.

So, a fellow planner person and friend—

 in case you don’t know- a planner person can be loosely defined as one who is intoxicated by the local office supply or stationary store and/or peruses planner/journal websites in hopes of finding the ever elusive planner and/or accessories that will bring the even ever more elusive “planner peace” – which is about as likely as say, finding a Unicorn in your bathroom…in the next 30 seconds. 

OK, deep breath- you still with me?

— of mine who happens to be a writer has this book, and because I follow her on Instagram…as any perfectly crazy planner person does, I know this fact. The reason I share this with you, is not that I have read the book, though it sounds intriguing. BUT…every once in a while she shares a bit of news about it, or an image.

Now, being a person who ponders words and is, as my daughter has  blatantly described me, one who can be sidetracked easily by these subtle Social Media and Commercial messages, I found myself drawn to the title:

All the Bridges Burning…

It kept dancing through my head.

To the point I almost wanted to write a poem about it… I mean…it’s a powerful title.

Until one day, I was climbing the stairs and it hit me. I felt my life could be titled that right now, in this season. And suddenly I didn’t like the implications, or imagery.

But, it felt like a garment I could not avoid wearing.

It fit.


It also seems to be inviting me to write, so a book title can make a great writing prompt. (There’s your sign, writing friends).

But, these words that capture us, call us to dance with them, even if there is pain, or discomfort can lead us to discovering and expressing that which needs to be addressed within ourselves.

All of this to say that by bringing it before the Lord, is one thing, but working it out with pen and paper allows us to say things that are scary…and true. And some things that should not be said but need to be admitted. In doing this we can release what is not useful to us, and allow God to redeem our writing as David did in His Psalms as we turn it all  over to Him.

So, is there a book title, song, scripture  or line that keeps coming to your mind? 

Take it to the Lord in prayer. Work through it all on paper. Or keyboard. Let it look back up at you. You can burn all your writing if that feels right to you…but as for me, I like to see  all the bridges I’ve been burning…to remind me I’ll still be standing when they are all burned…and I will walk on, and write another day.

Writing, is life. And I am Redeemed.

This is my story, this is my song…

Head on over and check out All the Bridges Burning by Neliza Drew. You might just find your next read!



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photo credit: Mike Monaghan Allison via photopin (license)

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    1. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Thanks for commenting Helen- and letting me know. As you know it means a lot to a writer when someone let’s them know how their words were used! God is good…to both of us in it!


  1. Very intriguing…especially since we are warned in some cliche phrase to not burn any bridges…this prompt makes me wonder what would my life look life if I did burn some bridges…hmmm


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