Furry Friends (Prompt 3/21)

Photo by Mary Lynch


“You know what I like most about people? Pets.
” Jarod Kintz

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Anatole France

Hello my fellow two-legged friends! Today we are journaling one of my favorite topics…animals! Truly gifts from God. How they love and teach us. How they show us how much we lack, and how they trust we who are often unworthy of their loyalty and trust!



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Furry Friends. I’ve had a few, how about you? Our family currently includes 1 dog, 1 bunny and two cats. In no particular order. OK, the cats insist they are first.  Today’s prompt may have you feeling nostalgic, or teary eyed, or both.

Prompt 3:

The pet I’ll never forget…

Although we love all the pets that come into our lives, focus on writing about the one that comes to your mind first. 


1. Write about the pets you’ve had over the years and their significance in your life.

2. Random Pet memories, just allow your mind to remember the sweetest, silliest most memorable moments, characteristics, and experiences you’ve shared with fur friends.

3. Choose one of your fur friends and make a special memory acrostic poem or list with their name.


Take the prompt as it leads. Trust, and enjoy the process.

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Photo Credit: my fabulous friend with mad photography skills: Mary Lynch

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Happy Journaling!


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4 thoughts on “Furry Friends (Prompt 3/21)

  1. We have two litters of kittens so an astounding number of farm cats (but we need them for mousing) plus our pet cats (Tiger, Spooky, Velcro, Kabuki and Mmmm).

    We have two dogs, and old red & white Border Collie and a Catahoula. Plus a bunch of fish (including a bossy goldfish named Swilly, a saucy pleco and two betas and some others) plus a rescued Salamander.

    Oh and there are sheep in the pasture (not ours but fun) and two magpies who think they should be cats (they eat enough cat food)…so besides the horses (one we still have) and my cows I miss…what to write about? Oh my.


  2. awwww Dawn thanks for addressing my question in the video your so sweet but really I can’t join in FB I deleted my FB months ago and do not use it any more, so I guess look for me using your hash tag in the other outlets! And I understand totally its ok! 🙂 I will join in here, & twitter & ig 🙂 yay! This is my first journaling adventure I have full committed too. I am loving it so far!

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