Read, Pray, Write: On Living a Journaling Lifestyle (Intro)




Elizabeth Gilbert wrote and published  her bestselling memoir titled Eat, Pray, Love and as one prone to thinking about catchy titles and quotable content, I couldn’t help but ponder how I would encapsulate my journey with journaling in a catchphrase with similar connotations. I like catchy titles. I gravitate towards words that stir my soul, heart and mind, titles that sweep me off my feet, and clever grammatical twists that leave me giggling. Or smirking.

The fact is, I’m sort of infatuated with the written and spoken word.


I’ve been on a journey for some time and it dawned on me one day that my relationship with journaling has spanned the majority of my life. It’s why, even though I might not be the bestsest  most grammatically perfect writer in the world I boldly go where many are chicken to step. I am not afraid of the blank page, writer’s block or intimidated by those other “great writers”. Whether you, or anyone else likes what I write, my VOICE will not be quelled.

Whether I am published or unpublished, forgotten or remembered, it matters not one lick.

As long as there’s ink in my quill (ha! No, I don’t write with a quill…but I would if I had to!) and paper before me, I will  write.

Not because I am a great writer.

Not because I have something to say that hasn’t perhaps been said before.

Not because everyone wants to read my writing.

I will write because when I write I feel the wind beneath my wings, satisfaction in my soul, and a joy that is UN-containable.

When I write I feel like I am doing exactly the best thing I can do for my body, mind and soul.

When I write I believe I become whole in a way that is not possible apart from the action of releasing the words that  beg for freedom.

Want to know what else I believe?

That you can find freedom, joy, release and peace through the power of the written word. Whether you share your words or not, once you allow yourself to spill onto paper you will never be the same. I believe no matter who you are or what you do, you will be blessed and discover aspects of yourself previously unknown as you become intimate with the act of journaling.

I also believe that writing is for everyone. That poetry is a joy bringing gift. That a small group of elite publishing companies, published authors, other writers and literary critics should not dictate a writer’s worth. Everyone can write, and benefit from writing. Whether you want to be emotionally healthy, pursue physical fitness, rise to new financial heights, understand dreams, set personal goals, reflect on spiritual truths, explore philosophy or another culture; whether you want to write the next great American novel, or paint a new Mona Lisa…

I have journaled for over half of my life. I have journaled through a lifetime of loves, losses, trials and joys. I have filled blank books with tears, turmoil, tumult since I learned how to scribble raw and real on paper. I have emptied my soul’s journey over the course of a lifetime. I promise you, a the habit of journaling will carry you through glory days and false friends; career change, job loss, marriage, divorce, difficulties, depression and every imaginable and unimaginable dilemma possible.

Do you have a dream that remains unfulfilled?

Are you going through a difficult trial?

Do you feel out of touch with yourself and your life or are you oppressed with your feelings and thoughts?

Are you a closet writer?

Do you wonder how you can plan your life more effectively?

Are you fearful of speaking your truth because of disapproval, criticism or rejection?

Are you stifled in your creative process?

Are you called to write (or step out in some way) but are intimidated to begin?

I hope to share parts of my own journey with journaling to encourage you to embrace journaling as a lifestyle. As I do, my hope is that you too will be empowered and able to find hope for your journey with pen and paper.

We will explore together through practice, discussion, prompts and well…duh, journaling exercises and challenges! I will be sharing where I am now in my journey, my influences and experiences with various journaling techniques and influences and peeks into past and present journals. I also hope to bring you a wealth of inspiration that taps you into the true source of all inspiration!

Join me here Monday for the next adventure in Journaling: Journaling as a Lifestyle. Grab your journal, a beverage, and your favorite pen. We can head out on the path together. See you then.

BONUS Journal NOW:  If you want to do some prep work, journal  about any of the above questions. Or journal a response to any of what I have written. Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave a comment below!

PS: Please share as you feel led…and then some, as I am on a Social Media break through March! Thanks!


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  1. Excited!! I’m grabbing a “new blank journal” and following along with this journey of journaling as a lifestyle! I write because…great start!!! And, you used my word several times…JOY! Guess I’m gonna have to use some of your words to prompt a Word Wednesday!!!


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