The God Who Says, “Wake Up!”


I am sharing this post for Random Journal Day this lovely month of October. One of my favorite artist’s work adorns this journal cover thus making it a special joy. Venturing back again, to my early days as a new believer and follower of Jesus. It was definitely and exciting time…one I look back on with great fondness and appreciation to God for His immeasurable mercy and grace. I was full of zeal and it was as if the Lord had opened my eyes, and quickened me with super sensitivity to His voice. Join me as I share a page from my journal…and I invite you to step back in time with me…

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June 6, 1997

Last night the Lord woke me, again, with a dream. It startled me…I awoke and prayed forgiveness for not praying enough and lay awake a few minutes with the fear of the Lord. He pressed upon me that there’s not much time. 

There is not much time. I know He is coming…

He has pressed these things on my heart:

Awake- the whole world must wake from sleeping.

Wednesday morning was really strange in a godly, wonderful way. T— said she had a problem only I could answer…during our “Bible Study”  time which is basically, her (Personal Training) session with me. 

I visited Zion (Bible College) Wednesday afternoon and spoke with S—  and A—. I spent the afternoon taking and visiting (the campus). Brother S was very helpful. He called me “Radical”. Isn’t that funny, me? 

I don’t think I’m radical, I’m just acting on what God reveals to me as He does. It is not of my own accord. 

Another thing… I’ve known this my whole life- I don’t know when but I know He’s coming.

He promised. 

I thank God for every new day that more souls can be won for Him…”not through might or by power but through my Spirit thus saith the Lord of Hosts.”


More details on T—. I prayed after I made a phone call for her to come in early because my 8:30 client didn’t show- I prayed God give me the words, guidance etc. for her “question”. Anyway we went on the floor to stretch. I had grabbed my Bible and was reading from Romans- and I was amazed it addressed the fact that Jesus was for EVERYONE. (I was new to the Bible and walking around in the Gym reading it with my client at the time per her request- we were discovering the words together!).

I also read about Nicodemus and asked T —  what she thought. We talked only a bit more, then to my surprise T— insisted on going into my office and praying to Christ right then and there, on the spot. 

I was like OH, MY GOD! 

I must pray more! He hears all! He is amazing! 



Well, friends- I will never forget those early days of opening God’s word with my friends, clients, fellow believers and unbelievers alike, as the Spirit led. These were exciting times, and God made himself so amazingly real in my life that many sought to join the journey with me. Many were just curious about the turn my life took, but whatever God was doing – it was absolutely not boring. I have never understood the Christianity that has not been an exciting adventure. God has been faithful to do miracles before my eyes, allowing me to witness many lives touched or transformed by His grace and truth. Oh, the joy of looking back on journals past!

So many wonderful adventures recorded that I forget in the new adventures, trials and tribulations of the day.

Join us for RJD weekend. I am REALLY late with my entry, as I had a very busy weekend. Better lat than never!

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4 thoughts on “The God Who Says, “Wake Up!”

  1. It would take awhile to dig out, from memory those first few days as a new believer, since losing a great majority of my journals a few years ago. As I live now, day by day, in His Word, He does show me new insights from as little as 6 months ago.

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  2. I would have to go WAAAYYY back to those days, and don’t have journals for that time in my life. In fact, I don’t even remember if I was journaling when I was a teenager…I was writing; poetry, short storeis; just not keeping a journal.

    Thank you for taking us back to the early days of your “new belief”!!

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  3. Love this. Love the passion of your walk, even when you were a babe. Love that you heard Him and talked about what you heard, and that then–and NOW–the Radical you was alive and active!!

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