Two Perspectives (The Story of Our Language Journal)

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My altered book creation handmade by Debbie-Anne, of Ephemera’s Vintage Garden.

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”
― Sophia Loren

“Women may be the one group that grows more radical with age.”
― Gloria Steinem

Well, I may or may not agree with Gloria Steinem on everything, but on the above quote, I can truly say, AMEN! So here I am heading into the over 50 age bracket, and I  am getting wildly radical with sharing from my current journals. Normally I share from a past journal…as in archives. As in old. Like myself. But, it seems the older I get – and this train does not go backwards- the more my attitude sort of reeks of “Why not?” and “Eh, who cares.” Of course, I do mean this in the most facetious way. And in all fairness, I have added this lovely journal to my archives as of August 2. But, honestly it just seems proper to share from this journal for this month’s Random Journal Day since the creator of it is our Featured Journal Keeper. It helps that I am not overly concerned about sharing from something so hot off the press, so to speak. But, either way fresh from the pages of my Summer journal, I offer you two perspectives…

I don’t usually like to elaborate too much, but I will say my journaling process and initial thoughts and pondering often lead to lengthier writings, including but not exclusively, poetry. This one did lead to a very heavy poem which I will perhaps submit for publication in the future. However, I give you the seed thoughts and impromptu prayers as they appear in my journal (brazen old coot that I am):

Lord, help me to truly know what it is to be so at one with you, there is only quiet confidence. How can I purge everything? How can I simplify? How can I be awake to your beauty? How can I have more energy…time, focus? How can I keep my house clean, keep up with everything? How can I escape the disapproving eyes? How can I return good for such injustice? 

I often ask open ended questions which start with the external, obvious struggles and circle around to the stuff that’s swimming around just beneath the surface of all the superficial distraction. The last two lines were the turning points and the line that follows begins an eight page poem. I think so often, we stay with the first questions, stop writing. Put the pen down, and stay in that overwhelmed place…but if you can just keep writing- let the words come from the depths of your soul, the true gift of writing will come. You have to dig deep…deeper. Or write deeper…you have to get through all the extraneous bull…and keep writing. OK, so I did not mean to go all lecture on you. But, I just know someone needs to hear it. So there, I said it.

Next, the image and my Two Perspectives:

Perspective 1: At first I saw the butterfly tethered…tied, trapped, and the fairy girl questionable in intent.

Perspective 2: But then I saw that the butterfly happily, willingly pulling the fairy on the lily pad.

Perspective is everything, isn’t it?

Journal Art Image: Ephemera’s Vintage Garden

Oh, my goodness, Friends…Random Journal Day is happening this weekend! I am really excited and hope you will be sure and show up, peek in some journals, comment and just take part in the party! The Link goes live at 12 AM Friday, August 7. Um…or in case you have Summer Brain, that’s less than 2 hours!

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13 thoughts on “Two Perspectives (The Story of Our Language Journal)

  1. Hi lovely peeps!! I’ve not been blogging at all so I don’t have any posts to link but just wanted to pop in and give some love—hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!! ❤

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  2. Ok Dawn….both Dawns, actually. I am going to TOTALLY SHOW MY IGNORANCE HERE!!!….but my purpose statement is “encouraging transparency,” so I pretty much display what’s on my heart. So at the risk of looking like a total fool, I finally must ask: What on earth is a peep? I keep reading this repeatedly on line. And if you don’t answer me I think I will go hide under a rock. 🙂

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    1. Peep is short for people…U believe, Lynn! Hugs! lol AND never be embarrassed to share your authentic being here! I had to just google a word …for confirmation that my Writer’s Group leader sent…lol


      1. Well, Dawn, I thank you very much. Wait till I tell Sheridan I had no idea what that was. I thought it was like a Motehr Hen taking care of those she enjoys, and calling them her Peeps! REALLY! I am assuredly from another planet, but hey, yes, that is authentically who I am. You are so cute and helpful thankyou. So….signing out now to all you peeps out there!….as in peoples plural, right?! 🙂 I hope Kelly Greer is reading this, b/c she will tell you firsthand how totally clueless and crazy I am. She didn’t believe it till we were roomies at a retreat. She thought I was all prim & proper. Boy did I have her fooled! 🙂 Love you, Dawn!


  3. Dawn: This is very lovely. It shows a depth that seems to be your voice. I like the concept of two perspectives to what we see or feel.


  4. Loved the two perspectives! It really opens our eyes to how we look at things; at life, doesn’t it, Dawn! I always love to read your posts – and, as you know, some are quite lengthy!! But, I persevere – sometimes having to “go back” at another time to read or re-read! In any case, I love to read what you write; and I don’t mind the “lecturing” because, I am probably one of those who needs to “hear it”!!

    Back for RJD…and happy to be here!!

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    1. Hahahaha…my lengthy posts! I know, Barbara, thank you for your patience. I really need to work on being shorter with my posts…BUT then occasionally something wonderful just needs to take over and be shared…in one shot. Always enjoy your participation!


  5. A tethered butterfly!!! Sounds like my egg that refuses to hatch in my Fable Springs Book. I have a few thoughts on that metaphorical fairy of yours. Hmmmm . . . love this stuff! Thanks for hosting, milady! So excited to share this month–not always able too but a treat when I can.

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  6. Oh I LOVE your 2 diff views of the same little picture! A lot to think about there.

    “I think so often, we stay with the first questions, stop writing. Put the pen down, and stay in that overwhelmed place…but if you can just keep writing- let the words come from the depths of your soul, the true gift of writing will come.” ……THIS is why I journal Dawn! You are so right, that we often begin with the outward superficial concerns and then either quit or KEEP WRITING and find the truth down deep. You’ve captured it so well in this post!!

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  7. Amen sisters! This is a great post! And I may use this perspective prompt for one of my art journaling classes if you don’t mind dear Dawn! And I think we have the same vintage typewriter! Glad to be one of your peeps…wink, wink Lynni!
    Great reads this month from all…glad to be a part of this generous and loving community…Hi Dawn Maurice!

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