Planner Boot Camp- SIGN UP and FAQ

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Today is the day!

Sign-ups for Planner Boot Camp begin today and will close Saturday night at midnight. Put that in your planner, friends. Procrastinators, sign up NOW, that way you will be signed up by Saturday. Ha!

What is Planner Boot Camp?

PBC (as I am initialing it) is a 3 week exploration and exercise in seeking optimal planning practices to put in place for those who desire to fine tune and filter how they use a calendar or planner leading to successful application of learned strategies. Phew. Or something like that.

Why should I sign up for PBC?

A. You love planners. In fact planning  and/or decorating your planner(s) is ALL you get around to doing.

B. You think that the word GOAL is something to do with Hockey or Soccer, since you hear your child’s coach refer to it at games regularly.

C. You don’t remember who you were and what you wanted to do with your life before/after (add your own): parenthood, marriage, college, Obama took office, your last career, divorce, your last trip to the mall…you get the picture.

D. What the hell is a planner?

E. You love Aurora. If you know who Aurora is you probably were already going to sign up for PBC.

F. You are a Planner Tramp. You know who you are, and your cheeks flushed red when you read that. It’s OK. Really.

What do I need?

Either a blank notebook, loose leaf paper or a section/tab in your current planner. I am using a composition notebook.

What can I expect?

There will be three specific Blog posts and three e-mails over the three weeks of Planner Boot Camp’s first phase. Only those who make it through the initial 3 weeks will move on to the second phase. As in real life boot camp, not all make it through basic training. There will be specific actions/check ins required to move on, so you can bail at whatever point you want. Those who do complete PBC will receive a Graduation Certificate (from yours truly), be named on the “official” PBC 1st class graduation list, and be able to participate in a special Planner Goody Package Giveaway. Whoohoo and Hooray!

Plus, you get bragging rights: “I participated in Planner Boot Camp and lived to tell…” HA!

Should I be afraid?

Yes, be very afraid.

OK, no. This is just a fun experiment we will do together and hopefully gain a few habits, friends for the journey and increased focus for our own particular path.

 How do I “sign up”?

1. Follow the instructions below. I am not responsible if you cannot do this one thing, and if you cannot do #1 you shouldn’t sign up anyway.

*Send an e-mail to by 6:00 PM Saturday, January 24th with the subject: “enroll me in PBC”.

2. Make sure you have followed the instructions above.

*failure to follow directions will result in non-enrollment. Obviously.

3. Get your Notebook, watch my You Tube Videos, Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and maybe go have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Because, they are good to have once in awhile. Or do ten push ups, ten squats and ten sit ups. Or do both. Not in that order. 

Leave any other Questions, Comments or other feedback below….

May the odds be ever in your favor, May the Force be with you and may you never let go of the Ring…until you get to Mordor. Naturally.



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23 thoughts on “Planner Boot Camp- SIGN UP and FAQ

  1. I am anti-social when it comes to social media: following anyone on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is just not going to happen. Will I still be able to participate in PBC?


  2. Dawn I commend you for taking this challenge on! Trying to help all others in finding planner peace!
    I am not signing up – as I don’t want to take up space and I currently feel I am running well!
    IF you need me or want any “help” let me know!!!
    Love you BUNCHES my Arcadoodle!!!

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    1. Holley! You have been on my mind, and I cannot keep up with the page newsfeeds! Will catch up with you soon, I hope. I want to see your latest planner love. Hope all is smooth waters for you…or at least the boat carrying you is strong and stable! Hugs and thanks, appreciate.


      1. This is true, but it was in the e-mail address so it “came back” and wasn’t able to be delivered…I do know how to spell your name; just hit a wrong key I guess! But am signed up now!!


  3. Oh Yahoo, I can’t wait. I have been looking forward to this since you mentioned it. I’ve got my composition book and I am ready!!

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  4. I’ve had to revisit this page a few times to be sure I am on point. Thanks so much for bootcamp. I love it. I love that it has shown me to tone down and in doing that I have enjoyed planning more. While I have been planning since my early twenties it recently seemed to have gotten away from me. I believe when life gets more complicated the answer is not in planning more but planning right and planning less. Giving more time to living in the now. So now when my mind goes all cray cray because there is so much to do. I sit back and filter…. BEFORE I plan. I have purged my planner to make it simple and no longer carry my life in my planner. That’s like asking for a headache to travel with you at all times. I just keep it as a functional tool and not a crafting project which works for me.
    In times past all the “stuff” I had in the planner including my decorations were just to distracting. Now when I open my “tool” my eye goes right to what needs to happen.
    I am no fool, it is a work in progress. I do want to add a little here and there of what I purged out. But I have to talk myself off of the ledge so far it’s all good.
    Thanks Dawn for sharing your experiences and passion.

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    1. Oh, I so agree…we can get in our own ways and even with the most “innocent” of intentions- simplicity rules and always works best for me. Thanks for sharing your journey and epiphanies here today!


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