Rainy Day Meanderings

The refreshing kiss of rain on a daisy during our recent Maine vacation.


Happy 4th of July to you today, Friends. It is a rained out day here in Little Rhody. That does not stop the local surfers, here in Narragansett, Rhode Island. Although many of the festivities are postponed for this holiday, I am enjoying my time to catch up. I still am catching up on laundry from the Maine vacation, believe it or not.

Today I made my second You Tube video with an update on my ARC planner. I really do love this line of products and hope you’ll join me as I share my ARC adventures in the days ahead. I am still figuring out You Tube, but I am having fun playing around with it, as I do. Hoping I will be able to share a bit soon for our Random Journal Day. How fun will that be to have a coffee and video chat with a favorite journal keeping pal? Stay tuned! You can see the video and leave me feedback right here OR hop on over to You Tube and leave your thumbprint there! !

I hope you had a chance to check out this month’s Featured Journal Keeper, Dawn Maurice of Heart Du Jour.  To read her thoughts on journaling visit RJD Post #42, and check out her linked post along with all of our fellow journal keepers. I promise you will be inspired.

Have you entered for a chance to win Devotions for the Beach…and for Days You Wish You Were There by Miriam Drennan yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Click RIGHT HERE and you can enter for a chance to win.

If you got left behind during the 21 Days of Journaling in June, I am planning another go- stay tuned for details. Please do not feel badly, either! I myself had trouble juggling my writing and personal commitments in June and it was all I could do to keep the posts on the blog going as well as the other stuff happening. Phew. The prompts are up, so feel free to use them anytime and link up in an upcoming RJD if you feel so led!

I am considering joining in with Barbie at My Freshly Brewed Life to go through one of my very favorite stories. Barbie is hosting an online book study for Hinds Feet on High Places. Check out all the details at her place! It goes from July 14th through December (ish) so you might need to prayerfully consider before deciding. She totally understands and so do I. We women so love to do so many good things, but we need to bring these decisions to the Lord, as He knows what’s blessing and burden for us in the days ahead better than we do! So check it out, weigh and consider before Him, as not to add to your plate indiscriminately! He will guide you.

Some of us might need a different approach this Summer, like my sister Joy of Poetry Joy. She has needed to take a  step back and written a beautiful poem and post which express a yearning for the balance we all struggle to obtain. Read her words HERE. Choose for yourself what you need in this season you’re in, a spiritual challenge or sabbatical. Seasons change, as do our needs. Sometimes we need a spiritual kick in the pants and other times we need to just ride out the storm, and rest. Listen for His voice. He is faithful.

What are you looking forward to this Summer? What have you been planning, creating or writing? What is it you need most in this season?

I invite you to drop a link in the comments and I will visit you on this rainy night!

In His Grace, Dawn

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  1. I miss you my friend. I love your blog and all that you offer to your readers. I am praying that God will allow me to make space in my life to join in. Thank you for sharing about the Hinds Feet on High Places study. A huge commitment, but when you think about it, I’m only requiring one chapter a week. Love you!


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