Oh, The Places We’ll Go! (Prompt 21)




Here we are at the end of our 21 day journey. As I write this post (fresh for you tonight!), my family is preparing to leave for vacation first thing in the morning! Of course I will be taking my current  journal along, as always. It is pictured here on a recent excursion to the beach. Therein lies your hint for today’s prompt…


Your mission, if you choose to take it is to venture somewhere to write with your journal…out of the ordinary routine of things.

Local library, coffee shop, park bench, museum, hotel lobby. I have journaled in DC  on a tour bus at midnight, in a RV (as a passenger) on a train en route to Baltimore, beach-side in the Bahamas and in too many coffee shops to calculate! Outside, inside, lakeside. Wherever you go, your journal can go.

A journal is a soul’s best friend, and a direct connection from the writer’s  heart to the heart of God. 


If you’d rather, try this: Take a few sheets  fun stationary or funky paper and go to your destination. Write about where you chose to go and why…then reflect and write whatever comes to you as you sit.


go FIND or BUY some stationery at a local stationary store, card shop or gift shop – you can even pick out a card JUST or YOU – you have permission to go look at cards and find one that you absolutely love, make sure it has lots of BLANK space, and even preferably a blank on the inside card. Now, grab a coffee, tea or beverage of choice and write a note on the inside telling yourself why you chose the card you did! Make sure to get the envelope to glue in your journal and you can slide the card in and out to read when you wish.

*Adhere whatever you chose into the journal in a way that it is accessible so it does not get lost.




After today’s prompt, you will have completed the 21 Days of Journaling in June. But guess what?  If you didn’t, I am having a redo SOON! Stay tuned for more information.

Now, if you wrote on any of the prompts and would like to share an excerpt or whatever you wrote at our next Random Day Journal Celebration, PLEASE join us!

Here’s how:

1. Choose one of the journal prompts you wrote in your journal about, or choose from another journal entry in a past journal.

2. Write up a post sharing excerpts or whatever feels comfortable for you to share. Or dare to be uncomfortable and share more. Take a picture of your journal to insert into your post (optional BUT we love to see those pictures). Publish your post, include a link back to the RJD Link Up Post or my blog, so others may find us.

3. Link your journal post to the RJD post anytime between June 30th – July 6th/Link closes 12AM 7th). We are having a super special RJD/4th of JULY Celebration and I have a special Summer Giveaway. It’s a secret and surprise!

4. Visit other RJD participants, enjoy and jump in the conversation by leaving a comment! Enjoy reading the latest  Featured Journal Keeper’s post.

5. Have fun, and don’t forget to enter the Giveaway. Details coming soon.

See you when  my journal and I return from our vacation!

Happy Journaling, Friends. You can continue to work on missed prompts if you like.

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7 thoughts on “Oh, The Places We’ll Go! (Prompt 21)

  1. Dawn, you did a really stellar job! Congratulations! I loved the breadth and creativity of your prompts. They were innovative, yet accessible. And you are so right about taking your journal everywhere, and thinking of creative places to go. I think of the journal as a portable feast, and spice up my life w/ entries from just about any place I can think of. Here’s to the joy of journaling anywhere, everywhere, and anytime! Have a great vacation! Have journal, will travel!


  2. I can’t believe it’s been 21 days already! Even though I didn’t journal every day, I have done more than in the past. Thanks so much for the inspiration Dawn!


  3. Yea! for the redo. I just couldn’t get on board this time around. About the time I thought I’d jump in and play catch up we had a death in the family and it was chaos around here for several days. Just too much time slipped by. Looking forward to trying next time. Enjoy your vacation!


  4. Really amazing! I’ve just seen this lovely challenge and I’m doing it on my own for this month. Thank you for the guidance and the wonderful prompts. I haven’t picked up a pen to write for a long long time. I only draw and paint and this is really great for me because everything in my head and heart is coming out and clearing the space up there in my head. It’s helping sort things out in my heart. Thank you.


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