Incognito Coffee Chat @ My New Arc Planner


Seriously, I do not take myself seriously. BUT, if you would like to have an 11 minute cup of coffee with me while I ramble on about my latest planner, please do!

I recently have become addicted to watching planner videos and this is what happens when you leave me alone with my Tablet and Planner too long.

I am planning a blog post about Journals and Journaling soon…this was a fun way to practice.

I hope you get a giggle out of it, I did while making it!

To see my previous Planner for 2013- 2014 Check this POST. 

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11 thoughts on “Incognito Coffee Chat @ My New Arc Planner

  1. You crack me up! Thanks of the planner info. I did buy a planner this year and can you believe I haven’t opened it yet. Oh girl, I need serious help!


  2. Oh I think we are soul mates for sure. I can’t b3elieve there is someone else who thinks it is cool to scout out and buy the perfect planner. I recall once, when Mike and I hadn’t been married too long, that I requested a Dayrunner for Christmas. He thought I was joking and didn’t get it. I was sooooo disappointed! And I was the kind of kid who thought it was like going on a date to go to Walgreen’s to find the perfect notebook for school’s start after Labor Day! I still have not found the perfect planner, though yours is very fun. I’d like to create one if I had any $ to do it. Tx for sharing your cute video and little pig! =]


    1. Lynn, I am giggling because I read this comment while coming out of the market (via e-mail on phone yesterday) and it made me giddy. Well honestly I have a closet full of discarded, loved binders and planners which need new homes. Maybe I should do a video of my closet full of planners and give them all away. lol soul sisters, for sure!


      1. Go for it, Dawn. I thihnk that that would make such a fun video. I’d watch even if it took a year to show all those planners. Have you ever read Anne Ortlund’s Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman? She wrote it in the 70’s, and sadly she died just this past Nov., days short of her 90th b/day. She was a personal mentor and I actually got to visit in her home in CA. This little book was the first that I ever read as a Xn, and while the first few pages seem a bit fluffy, it is a serious and wonderful book. It’s deceptively deep. Anyway, she wrote about her “notebook,” as she called it, and it really, as far as I am concerned, is the prototype to all the planners today, but from a Xn perspective. She also journaled her prayers, confirming what I was discovering at the time and encouraging me to continue. Anyway, I would highly recommend it. Creating my own “notebook” was also transforming in my life. It was way before you could get them custom-made. She didn’t art journal, but her life was a work of art. She was a profound, caring, and wonderful woman of God–like you!


      2. I have seen the book and checked it out a number of times! How blessed you are to have met a mentor in the faith. I will have to check it out again. You know sometimes you see things with different eyes at different times. You are a sweet encouragement.
        Love and super cyber hugs to you this weekend!


  3. Yes, meeting Anne was a highlight of my life. Sadly, she passed away this past Nov. just less than a month of her 90th b/day. She had bone cancer. Interestingly, our daughter was tutored in Bible by her grandson, who happened to be attending seminary in St. Louis! =] Small world, indeed.

    Oh yes, multiple readings of a good book will reveal new things. It might remind you, too, if you have misssed somethign you would like to put in your planner.


  4. really wonderful! I totally want one of these! I use to use a planner when I was in school. Now that I’m home and I don’t have many things to plan i would use it more as a memory and coupon organizer. 😀 I love your video!


    1. Thanks! I am glad you liked it. Even if I am goofy. 😉 I am still loving it and really want another one for just notes. I also think I might make a mini scrap book too, with those page sleeves how can I resist? Go to Staples and check out the options and find what size works! Good luck, let me know how you do. So nice to connect with you!


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