Enough (RJD April)


If the sun and moon would doubt, they’d immediately go out.
~William Blake


Welcome Friends, Visitors and those who have stumbled upon this place…per chance. We have a weekly Journal Link-Up and Blog Hop here called Random Journal Day where we share from our very own private, personal pages, and invite you to read but also participate if you so desire.

I am sharing this poem which was spontaneously written at the end of my journal entry dated November 4th, 1996. I was really in what I guess you could say was a “back-slidden” state, although I did not know it yet. I had accepted the Lord, and yet not being grounded in His word or comprehending His grace, I had turned back to the familiar, worldly and temporal.


A friend said to me,

“There is no person more miserable than a Christian out of fellowship with God.”

I was living hard, fast and busy. What I did not realize then but do now, and it is key:

Spiritual Birth is not something someone can make happen, nor can it be undone. It is completely dependent on the supernatural work of God through His Holy Spirit and by the provision of Christ’s sacrifice.

I did not understand yet, but in reality I was signed, sealed and delivered.

I was a child who did not yet know my new Father. But the fact is He knew me. I had in fact become the Prodigal. However, I would soon begin to know the One who would not let me continue to walk in darkness, but would pursue me and remove every hindrance and distraction to make sure that I knew, that He alone is God. And that He indeed loved me with His everlasting love.

As a side note, I was writing in a local coffee shop which was my common writing place of choice at this time in my life. I lived close to Brown University and there were plenty of coffee shops to park myself in, regularly. I also was busy with attending a URI, training for competition, and carrying a full load of Personal Training Clients. Busy, in retrospect is really an understatement!


This place
this parking space available-now
this cafe
this bowl of soup
feeds my appetite
this present moment…
That truck that passed,
eyes peering in through this
window in front of me.
I’m peering through now 
and gone are those eyes…
but many others pass by in cars
This window
This table
This chair
This moment in time
This collection of moments
making up this set time
here not anywhere else
These eyes
This perspective
but many-
is there one in the many
for me to share future moments
or maybe
the present moment…
to be shared with 

present company

and present company

is me

this is enough.



A “fortune” glued in to the page the poem was written on.

Some journals I seem to glue more bits and pieces than others…


* Friends, I rarely repost but I did share this for Random Journal Day April 2012. May it bless you anew this round. /

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Dawn Paoletta is the author of Journaling for Discovery and Delight. Her writing is included in several anthologies and her poems have been included in the Wickford Poetry and Art Exhibit and Books. Dawn is currently working on her next book. Inquiries at dawn.paoletta@gmail.com

8 thoughts on “Enough (RJD April)

  1. Dawn- I didn’t remember this post from 2012 but maybe I hadn’t joined the RJD community yet…I like how the poem puts the reader in the moment…seeing through your eyes…I am glad that the Father pursued you and gave you a passion for Him and documenting the life He gave you! He is our Enough! Thanks for this place to share our personal journeys and see the connections we have through His love and Spirit!


  2. I love how we notice His pursuit of us in our rear-view mirrors, even when we couldn’t see it at the time. However, your last lines are also true in some sense for everyone. “Maybe this is enough.” If God never did another thing for you/me’any of us, what He already did at Calvary, at the Resurrection is enough. It’s more than we deserve, so much more. Yes, maybe this IS enough!


  3. A wonderful reminder to cherish the moment, the right now…I know I get so caught up in Everything I Have To Do, weighing me down, I lose those moments, the right nows…need to ponder this…((Hugs!!))


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