How To Have A Victorious Day (Whispers of Hope-Week 7)


“We want Christ to hurry and calm the storm. He wants us to find Him in the midst of it.” ~Beth Moore

It is Sunday night as I peck out these words on my Surface Tablet. It has been a full weekend and I had already had a post ready, but after reading your prayer requests and praying for you all, this weekend, I felt I needed to Regroup, Reframe and Revamp that message.

Over the past 51 days as I have committed to meeting with the Lord in prayer without excuse, I have discovered a number of things, that are changing everything I thought I knew about God… in a good way. I will share more in our next post but today I want to focus completely on just one aspect which I believe is empowering me to live my life in a way that is more yielded to Him on a daily, moment by moment basis.

Really, two components of our PRAISE acronym are key in this victory over self, the first is the acknowledgement portion. The second and focus of this post is in the Equipping portion.

I believe we often skip over what we do not really value or understand. In our daily Christian lives we don’t fit in what we are not sure is useful… and I know for me, deliberately focusing on praising God transformed my prayer life years ago when I began praying with Moms in Prayer. The reason was that it took me away from my temporal view of life and into the invisible realm of a Holy God, who I needed desperately to see. Approaching God by focusing and meditating briefly on the One whom I approached revolutionized my perspective of who this God I was seeking really was and it allowed me to inch ever so close, closer still to His throne of grace with better understanding. I am grateful for each epiphany God graciously gives along this journey, but this one small thing alone has increased my faith tremendously. We cannot praise Him enough, and the more we do, the more we will see His glory, regardless of our circumstance.

When I started to utilize the PRAISE acronym and seek Him in hopes of drawing closer to Him in prayer more faithfully, I found I did skimp, not completely skip certain areas that felt, a little unclear to me. But as I have gone on, I have discovered how the DAILY Acknowledging portion of prayer and the Equipping portion especially have empowered me and given me what I need DAILY.

Our purpose is to pray more deeply, richly, fully, not just read Beth’s devotional! It’s to use this tool to help us draw near to Him, nothing more, nothing less. The scripture alone is enough to get us started… connecting with Him is the goal, not reading Beth Moore’s book. I am sure if you read the scripture and prayed daily, taking only 15 -20 minutes and stopping, Beth would be happier than if you said, I didn’t finish your devotional, but I prayed and met Him… even though only for a bit today.

So, when I started to feel like my mind could not focus on what I should pray for when I got to the Equipping portion, I went right back to the handy-dandy introduction and honestly, prayed through it. As if I was a beginner, prayer baby. I mean I want to ask beyond the “Help me, please God.” Not that I am above praying that useful prayer regularly… but just as we communicate with one another, we are always seeking more… to go deeper, be clearer.

So here we go, Equipping 101, via Beth Moore, my slightly modified translation via the introduction. Quick pray style – add as you are led!

* Lord equip me today for a victorious day…I don’t want to just “get through”, I trust you have more for me as I yield to you. Equip me in every way for a victorious day.

1. Fill me today with your Holy Spirit ( I am trusting in your forgiveness – remember we have already confessed known sin, as He revealed in the Repentance portion).

2. Make your Son Jesus, my Lord, Savior and Friend “conspicuous” in me.

3. Make me victorious over the evil one.

I ask for eyes that see you, Lord.

I ask for ears sensitized to hear you, Lord.

Give me a heart to respond when you open a door of opportunity.

Empower me to witness as you lead.

Equip me with the power of the heavenlies- a double portion of your Holy Spirit, Lord.

May you say of me, “This child withheld nothing from me.”

I am grateful for each of you, don’t look back, just jump back in, take time to meet with Him, and know that He is rooting for you!

And I am , too!

SHARE a favorite quote or favorite devotional from the past week OR share one thing that God is teaching you or revealing about Him in this season.

My answer: God is revealing to me that His Sovereignty and Faithfulness are key areas He wants me to focus on, Reflect on, Grow in understanding of, and Rejoice in!

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9 thoughts on “How To Have A Victorious Day (Whispers of Hope-Week 7)

  1. What an awesome quote from Beth’s book Dawn! I will have to read that devotion this week!

    Thanks for always being such a blessing to me!


  2. One thing I’m seeing every day are new insights into the unending list of loving characteristics of God as I’m learning to praise Him each morning. I’m more in tune with how much I need Him through the day and seeing Him change my heart to be so much more open to what He wants to give me daily–this book has really been a huge blessing! So happy I’ve joined in on this journey!


  3. I’m right with you on the acknowledge part. I was having a hard time really getting my head around it. Then a couple of weeks ago, while at the ladies’ study of Job, it hit me. That was what Job was doing and what was getting him through his terrible trials. Through all of his horrible suffering, even while he was crying out to God and not understanding why God would let these things happen to him, he was acknowledging God’s sovereign right to do whatever He wanted! The connection has really helped me when I get to the acknowledge part of m prayer. I also appreciate your idea of going back to the introduction when I get stuck. I am definitely going to use that. I didn’t do so well keeping up last week. I’m still bad at letting my busy life get in the way. Praying for His help to do better this week. Thanks for the uplifting words, Dawn!


    1. Cheering with you, Kathleen ! I love when I get those kind of (I won’t say the “Uh-huh moment”… but that connection with God insights. Like gems along the journey. I’m praying for you and glad you are still persevering. If you could see me now, BIG smile! THanks for staying the course!


  4. I’ve always loved that PRAISE acronym, and I super loved you words today, asking God to help me withhold nothing from Him today. AMEN!!

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