Sunrise and Sand-dollars


As many of you know, I live on the coast of Rhode Island, but I have an ongoing relationship with all of the  New England shoreline, and the One who has created the sea, sand and sky that breathes inspiration and grace into my soul. This journal share today is unique in that it  the beginning of a special connection that God, was allowing me to experience. Discovering His presence and gifts in His very creation, has been a love language for our communication. It continues to this day in my journey with Him. This journal entry was written in a season where I actually was not walking with Him at all. I had turned my back, and was walking apart from His will. But, He still continued to reach out in unique ways, pursuing me, wooing me with His amazing grace and awareness of my deepest, innermost being.

While vacationing in New Hampshire I wrote about one of the first sunrises that caused me to ponder, and then the trail of sand-dollars that lined the shore like bread crumbs leading me on, graciously foreshadowing grace to come.

Well, here is the journal entry, dated August 30, 1995:

I heard some noises at 4:00 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep. I read on the couch,  made my bed, watched a little news. I decided I needed to head to the beach and see the sunrise-and it dawned on me, I’ve never seen one that I can remember – well maybe once, but it’s different when you are really watching for it-and then you consciously experience it!

It was so incredible!

The sky was orange and I kept watching and waiting, walking along the water’s edge, listening to the waves. It was  6:10 AM when the tiniest dot of light appeared. Within seconds, to my amazement, the tiny ball began to rise. It was so fast, but wonderful to witness.

It grew from a tiny dot on the horizon to a full round bright ball!


Next, I walked along the beach and the most amazing thing…I kept finding Sand-dollars. I’ve never found Sand-dollars! They were so neat, perfect and numerous!

This post was written for Random Journal Day, it reflects a portion of my journey… the journey I am on in knowing God. The God who can be known. The God who reaches out to sinners, and those overlooked, left behind and neglected. The One who gives all of His Creation significance, who was and is and is to come. Who never changes. To Him be glory and honor an praise forever!

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. James 1:17

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4 thoughts on “Sunrise and Sand-dollars

  1. The simplicity of your joyful discoveries in that journal entry have brought tears to my eyes dear Dawn. Dawn enjoying a dawn for the first time! Beautiful! I love you, Susie


  2. Love this. So many moments of discovery happen at the beach. Living on the opposite coast, it’s the sunsets that have most struck me, of course. But there’s that same dramatic moment, the feeling of being on the edge of time, of being in the present of something bigger–even when you didn’t know what that Bigger was. Thanks for sharing this, Right Coast Friend.


  3. What comfort to know God is always pursuing us…and how He kept you journaling and sketching the sunrise and wooing you with nature, even when you felt you were far from Him…amazing GRACE!


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