Mary Demuth is Not Marked (Finding Hope and Healing After Sexual Abuse)


Mary Demuth’s new book called Not Marked- Finding Hope and Healing After Sexual Abuse is one of the most candid and powerful books I have read on the topic of Sexual Abuse. Although Mary has published a number of books, this is the book Mary was meant to write. This is her calling, and gift to those needing healing along the path. Mary is on a mission to empower others  in their own healing process.

Sexual Abuse impacts every area of a person’s life, body, soul, spirit, mind. Healing is possible, but only when one is willing to take steps of faith, despite fear and uncertainty, with the support of  a safe and trusted few, or even just one. I know, I am a Sexual Abuse Survivor. But, I want to add that we all have survived trauma in our lives, and healing is a unique journey and gift we all need to embrace to live free. There is hope in this book for you. There is hope for someone you know who needs to read this book.

“The world needs you blessedly alive, walking the healing journey, letting go of your ‘marked victim’ story.”

What makes this book particularly helpful and unique is the fact that at the end of each chapter Mary’s husband Patrick shares what it is like to journey along with Mary as she walks her own path of healing. In essence a married couple walk together, but when one partner has a history of Sexual Abuse, it is bound to impact a marriage in multiple ways. Patrick’s insights and honesty in his own learning of ways to help, support and adapt his communication, and personal preferences in marriage were helpful and truly refreshing to see. None of us walk this road alone. But, Survivors can tend to push others away at times. Even those who love them. I think that seeing SA healing in context of marriage makes this a great resource for couples as well as any who have a loved one they suspect may have suffered SA in the past but is not sure.

This book also packs a number of excellent resources in it that would be helpful to those in ministry. So often, people don’t know what to say or do to help or support  victims of Sexual Abuse. It is too uncomfortable to fathom, raises too many fears and questions. But, in order to move forward we all need to be brave. Whether for ourselves, or those around us, who feel powerless to speak.  We must not be quiet. We must not hide.

There is a section “Common Questions About Sexual Abuse”. Another helpful Appendix at the end is called, “How to Protect your Children from Sexual Abuse”.

I believe that this book will help you, if you have been marked in anyway by Sexual Abuse. I do not say this lightly. I also believe regardless of where you are on your own healing journey you will be benefit and be blessed by what is shared by Mary and Patrick in this book. I believe if you are not a SA Survivor you know someone who is. They need this book. Put it in their hands.

Check out Mary’s website: 

Not Marked Web Site

Not Marked on Amazon available in Paperback and Kindle



Book Description:

Are you suffering the effects of sexual abuse? There is a way out. In Not Marked: Finding Hope and Healing after Sexual Abuse, Mary DeMuth illuminates the way to go from shame-filled to joy-filled, from traumatized to finding enduring peace. This isn’t theory. Mary has lived it. She’s traveled this path and offers a uniquely qualified, insider’s view of the healing process.

Then Mary goes deeper—because often you’re not the only one who has suffered. Her husband Patrick comes alongside her and offers insights into how spouses can love a sexual abuse victim toward wholeness, and how this will bring your relationship a whole new level of strength.

Not Marked will help you:

· Find the courage to share your story—maybe for the first time.
· Stop comparing your brokenness to others’ wholeness.
· Understand the specific way God designed you to heal.
· Identify safe people to entrust your healing journey to.
· Embrace utter honesty about your abuse, even if that means anger toward God.
· Discover how prayer helps you move from angst to alleluia.
· Find the powerful antidote to bitterness.
· Let go of accusatory thought patterns and grasp God’s affection for you.
· Uncover an ancient pathway to healing.
· Live the effervescent life you’ve longed for but could never quite grasp.

You do not have to be forever marked by sexual abuse.

You are resilient even if you believe all your strength is gone. You are worthy of being made whole—even if you can’t believe it’s possible. And you are a stunning work of amazingness—even though your heart can’t even start to grasp that. Yet.

This is your time. The moment to start the journey of the unmarked life!

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