Thoughts on The Couch to 5K Program


    I am in the midst of the Couch to 5K program which is available online for free, and I want to share with you a few thoughts on why I like it and why I am using it during the 31 Days to Fitting in Fitness Challenge. I am using the  C25K program to supplement the challenge with a cardiorespiratory component- you know, a little aerobic kick in the pants!

     First, let me be clear. I am not training for a 5K. I have no desire to race. I have participated in a 5K back in Ancient Times long ago, but hear me now and hear me later, NO RACES. So, I know you are now, saying to yourself, ‘Well you silly byach, why are you following this training program which is preparing you for a 5K?’

     I am so glad you asked. Simply, I love the approach. It is very similar to the interval programs I have made for myself and clients with walking and running inter-dispersed throughout the workout. Although I love to incorporate resistance work, usually- for this challenge I really wanted to make the Cardio portion optional, initially, so one could follow the 31 Day Challenge, and decide if they wanted to add the Couch to 5K during October or perhaps in the future.

    I also love that there is varied intensity. You walk and run, walk, run…and so on. This is the perfect aerobic program for those with ADHD. And also those who like to check off lists. I fall into both those categories. It does eventually go to a steady run but hey, I can always “opt out” – wink. You can get free Apps and Printouts for Road or Treadmill. Just explore the site for more. > Couch to 5K <
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    I love that you can do this outside or on the treadmill. I have been using the treadmill primarily for now, for a few reasons. One, is I am still having hip trouble and prefer to keep the terrain completely consistent. I get my fresh air fix, walking Banjo at the beach or Sea Wall in the morning. Also it just squeezes in nicely with the rest of my day.

    I love that are only three days a week, which makes it realistic for me and hard for me to make excuses.

    It is only @ 30 minutes, which means I also can stretch, and/or do my Fitness Challenge exercises with no big problem time-wise. It does eventually work up to 40 minutes but, no worries. Slow and steady we go!

This works for me, for now -I am in Week Three; hope to continue for the next few weeks. It is a 9 Week Program – We will see…

Hope you are fitting in fitness and remaining mentally flexible. 

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  1. First of all I need to admit that I am jealous about the treadmill now along with the beach. I feel it is kind of unfair for you to have both! Sheesh! Someday I will have a treadmill I hope. Your mixed program makes so much sense. I really admire you Dawn.Susie


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