Opting Out of Working Out

Some say there are no shortcuts to fitness. I would beg to differ. This week I am squeezing in my fitness from every angle, and I want to remind you that there is no use waiting for perfect circumstances to get into shape, or be more active.

There will never be that “extra hour” to work out that magically appears. 

We have to make the decision to do it and then as Nike says, ‘Just Do It’. Now that being said, you know I am a great advocate of the something is better than nothing  philosophy, and believe consistency with activity is just as important for our mental health as our physical state. So to keep my sanity and sleek (not) physique I need to really aim for regular movement. No excuses. But what can we do when we are just feeling low in our motivation, but understand we need to move? 

We take that first step with an opt out. What’s an “opt out” with regard to exercise? This is where I like to play head games with myself. It sounds like this: “Sigh, I know I need to exercise, BUT I also have X, Y, Z to do…”, or “I just do not feel like working out”.

Here is the “opt out” in action: “I could just go down to the Workout Center (ie. the basement- you can add your own place of exercise that you are currently avoiding) and do a little bit, and if I don’t want to do it I will just stretch out after my mediocre 5 minutes on the Treadmill. Or “Perhaps, I will just do some Yoga.” 

Basically, I give myself permission to slack. I allow myself to think I don’t have to do it; I can opt out at any point. 

Well I am sure you realize this usually means I will get the workout in as opposed to just arguing endlessly with myself as I formulate excellent excuses of how I can’t workout at the moment

Starting is the biggest obstacle. 

Once that is overcome, by golly, things just seem to fall into place. Sometimes I have that mediocre workout, which is still better than the sedentary alternative. But most times once I manage that hurdle and finish, I feel better, mentally and physically and have a good time doing it!
How about you, friends?
I have noticed that my views have increased but my comments have decreased. I would love to know if you have been able to participate, thrown in the towel, are busy planning my torturous death for suggesting this challenge? 
Also, I would invite you to join in today. 
Right now. 
How may I entice you? 

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