Unexpected Muse

I met my muse on an autumn night
unaware I was 
the journey
I set my foot upon the path
expecting what,
I pondered prior
early morn
and the days before
how Autumn surely is the birth 
of all things dying
How can this be
that such beauty 
is found within the lying
of earth and leaves
as trees that grieve
with groans and moans
deep sighing
I met my guide and did not hide
or even fear the journey
Off I went, along the way
the meadow deep before me
Tall grass, yellow, 
green and long
butterflies fluttered
as I walked along
and I pondered aloud, “Is it you?”
Further along a a gaping mouth
of darkness 
 invited me to come
a darkened wood awaited
I thought, “This can’t be good.”
But, I pressed on just the same, 
as I thought perhaps, 
I heard my name
called from within that dark place-
I was curious to see the face…
behind the voice.
So further in I did go, and a wondrous thing, wouldn’t you know,
Surrounded by mushrooms, a place from my past
not sure why, but I saw her there
– not my muse,
but one to whom none compare, 
a mothers love twice lived is grand-
I knew right then, this was a safe land
so I went on to find
 an abandoned house, 
quite a mess,
and unkempt-
and I thought surely I am in the wrong place,
 I turned to find another space
when as I peeked around the way
I saw a frog
in my way
and I could not hide 
my utter shock, I mean, a frog, really
from under what rock, 
did you come, 
and why a frog have you become?
 I was to ask this unexpected muse,
did he have for me any news,
but first, one thing that I had to know
Why pray tell a frog did show? 
* Special thanks for Lisa Tener, my “Guide” for the journey!
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Published by enthusiasticallydawn

Dawn Paoletta is a life enthusiast who loves to juggle words, chug coffee, and journal excessively. You can find her gathering stones on the beach most mornings. She enjoys hanging out with her hubby, daughter and family pets in Narragansett, RI and shares her passion, poetry and prose @Enthusiastically, Dawn.

14 thoughts on “Unexpected Muse

  1. pssshhh… you have to kiss him you know…you never what happens then…smiles… wow…now that was a journey… if we follow the muse, we can end up in the most unexpected places…


  2. this is wonderful… I especially loved this in your opening verse “unaware I was the journey” I think most people walk around that way, expecting something other than what is.


  3. Ha, ha, that curious, maddening, fickle Muse – I love the thought that he's turned into a frog! A fiery, funny read.


  4. Love this Dawn! So good to see you Monday night . Sounds like your Frog and you are very busy!! Create and enjoy every moment.P


  5. I tend to think now the greatest news is muse..and inspiration is the breath of life..no matter frog..or grain of sand..or whatever wonder life does bring..For those who seek the muse of an endless Universe of delight of Light and Wonder..full of hope for NOWasIS…


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