Think Small for Better Health!

The best way to fit exercise into your life on a regular basis is to 
not bite off more than you can chew.
Start small.
Instead of overhaul.
I know this might not be what you are thinking 
will get you where you want to go, 
but trust me the key to success
will come one bite at a time. 
Success is not found in the gobbling.
*A ten-minute brisk walk 4-5 times this week is better
than one long run. Or none.
*Stretching for 5 minutes (perhaps at your desk?) 
three days this week will be better than jumping into that 
Power Yoga class you keep hearing about
but is not convenient enough to squeeze in regularly.
Goals are attained when we are able to build gradually, 
with consistency over time.
“Divide each difficulty into as many parts as necessary to resolve it.” 
Rene Descartes 
“Any act often repeated soon forms a habit; 
and habit allowed, steadily gains in strength.”
Tyron Edwards 
So today take a step towards better health.
Think small! 


So, you missed a few days of fitting in fitness?
No worries, start back up. Don’t catch up, unless you are feeling super motivated, just jump in today! 
You wish you would have chosen the Be Gentle With Me Track instead of The Core and More Challenge? Switch! No questions asked. How about this, just record what you are doing on the Blank Journal! Something is better than nothing!

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

    Oct 08, 2013 @ 04:41:23

    I hope to begin walking during my lunch hour at work. At my age, I can't wait to long to get moving!



  2. Denise
    Oct 08, 2013 @ 23:31:17

    Good advice.



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