Our Sonlight Big Box Day (A Glimpse into Our Homeschool Plans 2013)

Well, our curriculum arrived while we were vacationing in Maine this year.
It sat and waited for us to celebrate it’s arrival. It had to wait for just the right time… Finally, on a Monday morning we tore into that box first thing. We are using Core W from Sonlight. My daughter is especially looking forward to her Rosetta Stone French lessons. 
Here is our 8th Grade Plan with a bit more detail. 
Counting my multitudes with Ann
458. A box full of goodies, in the form of books!
459. September and the return of routine and hopes for a new school year.
460. My mom making it possible for us to get this curriculum- Yay and Thanks, Mom!
461. Hope in God and not curriculum…but grateful for a good start this year.
462. my hubby’s hard work around the house and yard and how it blesses.
463. our sweet, small church
464. Peace within despite a whole lot of opposition from without
465. Hooray, the Home school room’s floor is no longer an unintentional obstacle course!
467. Knowing that it’s all about taking things one day at a time…and giving thanks. For all. 
The hard and the easy, good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant, lovely and unlovely. 
Yes, that.
468. Learning to love, really love, with His love…which is not manipulative, exploitative, rude or even possible without His supernatural empowerment.
469. Learning to forgive more.
470. Leaning on prayer more. Even more.

Sonlight Curriculum

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  1. Wishing you blessing this school year:) It is always so exciting to start and END! I'm kind of excited about the beginning of this school year, too:)


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