Our Homeschool Plan for 8th Grade

Well, it’s almost time for School to start, and this year includes a full PLANNED year of Homeschool for this mom. I have set all else aside for this season (however brief) and am trusting God to do great things. Our history with homeschool is short. I did homeschool my girl at the beginning with a Kindergarten curriculum from My Father’s World and it was a precious time. After that I returned to work and she to public school, with the last few years in Private Christian school. Our Homeschooling journey has resumed after a difficult 6th and 7th grade. We started in January of this year and although it was challenging, we lived to tell! 
I am sharing our HomeSchool plans here knowing that there is a learning curve, that we may add or adjust as needed. I am grateful that my mom helped make getting this curriculum possible and we appreciate that!
There are a number of good curriculums available, it is hard to decide but my daughter is a strong reader, who needs to be challenged, so after much deliberation, Sonlight became our choice.  Our big box of curriculum came while we were on vacation in Maine.There is something exciting about a box of books and all of our goodies for the school year included. I appreciate the cohesive Instructor’s Guide. After last year, I wanted more continuity in material, I feel this might be offered through Sonlight.
We are also participating in the Calvert Study which includes reading and writing testing throughout the year. We get the test results for free, and receive a small payment at the conclusion of the school year.

Our core plan for Home School for 8th Grade this year includes: 
 Sonlight- Core W (World History). We got most of the below pictured resources through Sonlight as well, after much deliberation. We are still not sure about Science and are considering using  Good Company Tutorial , a local learning opportunity for HomeSchoolers. 

Sonlight Curriculum
French through Sonlight = Rosetta Stone 

My daughter liked these and had been working with them in her private school prior to HomeSchool so we will keep her going with them.

Last year we used Saxon, which was good but just trying a different approach. 

My Girl plays the keyboard and this appealed to her – she is a very independent learner at times. 
Mom’s additional reading requirement.
I thought we both would enjoy this one.
Some Art and Music basics. 

Kids Health is a website that has some helpful resources to incorporate health and fitness into HomeSchool plans.

I also recommend American Council on Exercise for Fitness resources and information for all ages.

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  1. Every time I see a homeschooler with a Sonlight box, I drool. I am so thankful you were able to get that big box of curriculum. Certainly makes things a little easier. I will be praying for your year. We moms of 8th graders have to stick together! Hugs!


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