Jesus Today by Sarah Young (Book Review)

After reading Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling, I felt compelled to read another of her devotional offerings. I chose Jesus Today over Jesus Lives, as it was the more recent publication when I searched. Since I had asked to interview Sarah Young and was turned down due to her current health status at the time of my request, I was curious to see, perhaps how this lent itself to her writing ministry. The top of this book cover proclaims “Experience Hope Through His Presence.”  I also felt that my own hope was dueling in a battle and I wanted to see what Sarah’s insights and voice might offer in this warfare.
Of course I wondered how her writing would fare compared to Jesus Calling, which was a powerful, edifying devotional. 
Once more Sarah Young provides sincere, devotional material that provides encouragement, inspiration and hope for the day. Sarah wrote this particular book while fighting her own battle for health and her words shine through with authentic and powerful insights from the journey. Sarah writes in the book’s introduction that when her publisher asked what she learned through her trial, during her book writing, she responded: “Hope shines bright in the trenches of adversity.” She then goes on to share the details of the processes, problems and pursuits of healing and health that prevailed for the time after publishing Jesus Lives

So what do I think about Sarah Young and Jesus Today? 
1. Her writing will minister grace and truth to the reader. Period. If you can’t see both grace and truth on the pages of these writings, you need to have your your spiritual eyes checked.
2. That being said, I acknowledge that her writing in the First Person for God bothers some. As a matter of fact sometimes when I read it, I flip to the second person. It’s easy enough to do. I’ve thought about it,I can see how that becomes problematic for some…but Sarah’s work speaks for itself.
Her words for God resonate His heart toward His own, and reflects well the scripture that is laid out with these thoughts.
3. I appreciate the way the devotional is set up. One page gives the words of Sarah as she feels God has led her to share (all that any Christian author can do) then on the opposite page each scripture is laid out (in a few translations, but primarily NIV). It is evident that the words that Sarah has written are completely scripture based, in this format. One cannot avoid the resonation of the Word in Sarah’s writing voice. 
5. I think that there are a number of wounded, limping believers who God longs to meet through Sarah’s heart felt, spiritually powerful writing. Period. Those who don’t agree can choose to pass up this excellent ministry tool. Not me, I devoured it and found it to be another gifted offering from a writer who knows her Maker well.

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*Although I do review books for Thomas Nelson Publishing, I purchased this book myself. All opinions, as usual, are my own!
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4 thoughts on “Jesus Today by Sarah Young (Book Review)

  1. Thanks, Dawn, for a very concise review. I've warn out my 'Jesus Calling' book. I bought 'Jesus Lives,' some time ago, but I gave to someone who I felt really needed it at that moment. Thanks to your review here, I think I'll buy 'Jesus Today.' Because we all could use some hope shining in our trenches of adversity.


  2. Pam, the introduction alone is worth it as she shares her whole journey and it will really blow you away the physical trials that she went through. Anyway- it is absolutely a keeper.


  3. What a great and honest review! I have a copy of Jesus Calling and enjoy reading it. I agree with you on her use of God in the first person but I love what you wrote about switching it in your head. I didn't realize Sarah has had health challenges. I appreciate what you wrote. And btw, thank you for your kind comments on Heart Choices today. :)Blessings and love,Debbie


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