Writing to God (Week 4-Guest Post by Kel Rohlf)

 Welcome to another week in our journey! I am so blessed to have my fellow sojourner, sister in grace and blogging pal, Kel Rohlf here today to host our time together! 
Kel blogs regularly at Nourishment for the Soul
I know Kel will bless you today, because she usually has that effect on me! 
Enjoy the fellowship. I will be popping by at some point to check in and join the conversation-meanwhile, take it away, my friend!

Hello all! I am honored to be guest posting with Dawn today.
 The past few weeks, we have been reading and responding to our journey through Writing to God.

My desire has been rekindled to express my love and passion for God through writing. I spend my days with pen and journal in hand, scribbling love notes, writing little poems, and just talking about life with Jesus.  The prayers and writing prompts of Rachel G. Hackenberg in Writing to God: 40 Days of Praying with My Penhave opened new vistas as I meet with God on paper.

When Dawn asked me to share this week, I immediately offered the opportunity to God. 
When I read the prayer offering for Day 24: Uncertain,I decided to reflect on the prayer and  the prompt for this week.

We all have questions and uncertainty in our lives. 
This prayer has edged itself into my heart, especially these lines:
  “Is ‘Jesus’ the simple answer? Looking back, I see that you offered more puzzles than answers; that still seems to be true. So I will sit here, with palms open and unresolved prayers, O complex Jesus, if you will sit with me. This I ask, for lack of answers. Amen.”  

The angst that uncertainty produces in my heart desperately needed the comfort of this prayer.The Scripture suggested for Day 24 is set in the Garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14:32-42). Jesus makes a request of his three closest friends. He needs them to sit with Him as He agonizes over this crucial moment. Here’s how Mark records this moment:  “Going a little ahead, he [Jesus] fell to the ground and prayed for a way out: 
“Papa, Father, you can—can’t you?—get me out of this. Take this cup away from me. But please, not what I want—what do you want?” 
(Mark 14:35-36 The Message)

Jesus had questions, too.  And the disciples cannot stay awake and answer His need. And the Father doesn’t audibly answer or at least there is not a recorded response. Yet somehow  in the asking and agonizing, even while He has to chide and warn His disciples about their waywardness, He finds the strength to face His darkest hour.
Not only can Jesus handle my questions, He empathizes with them.
After mulling over the suggested Scripture, I responded to the prompt for the day, which I plan to incorporate as a regular practice in my journaling:
“Pour out your questions, big and small…do not be afraid if the questions feel impossible or seem to go unanswered.” 
(Rachel G. Hackenberg)
Here’s my response:
Jesus- Sometimes I want to shake you like a Magic 8 Ball to get a definitive answer, like: “It is certain” or “Don’t count on it” or “Better not tell you now.” And when I don’t get the answer that I want, I want to shake you again. And if you give me a different answer like “Ask again later” or “Outlook not so good,” I will shake you a third time because I remember that my sister says that the real answer is the best one–two out of three. I wish it were that simple.  But when I ask the real question, “Do you love me?” You always answer, “It is decidedly so!”
Then I wrote a list of questions to entrust to Jesus until He sees fit to answer or not.
I can’t wait to hear how God is using this profound book in your Lenten journey.

Peace-Kel Rohlf

* I am adding the schedule because the Blog Weeks and the W2G weeks don’t match up!
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 Week 1.    2/27-3/5      Days 8-14
  Week 2.    3/6-3/12    Days: 15-21
  Week 3.    3/13-3/19  Days: 22-28 -what we will be doing this week!
     *Week 4.   3/20-3/23   Days 29-32; Palm Sunday through Wednesday (3/24-3/27) from Prayers and Prompts for Holy Week
*Week 5.  Maundy Thursday through Easter Sunday (4/1-4/2) from Prayers and Prompts for Holy Week; Days: 33-34
Week 6.   4/3-4/9  Days 35-40

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18 thoughts on “Writing to God (Week 4-Guest Post by Kel Rohlf)

  1. The image of the Magic 8 Ball is a good one…so what we do, isn't it? We give things over to God, but do we really? We don't get the answer we want or get it when we want it so we keep shaking…trying to make things go our way. We want to steer things even as we're telling God. If only we'd remember each time how faithfully He handles our troubles when we let them slip out of our grasp and into His hands.I'm also loving this 40-day journey and enjoy reading how it is blessing everyone and the insights everyone is receiving.


  2. I continue to be blessed by the Prompts and scripture Rachel gives in her book! My biggest obstacle was that if someone else was directing my writing for 40 days it would cause me to be blocked but I have not found that to be the case at all!


  3. Stacy and Dawn- Having Rachel's recorded journey with ideas of how to dialogue with God as I journal has been so refreshing. And surprising at times…the analogy of prayer and the Magic 8 Ball just jumped out of my pen and onto the page and it just really revealed my heart…that I often am very demanding of Jesus in my prayer life. Thanks for being on the journey together.


  4. No, the reflections and prompts have really helped get my pen moving. My biggest obstacle has been my husband who, God love him, decides every morning that the perfect time to talk to me is when I'm doing my devotion. LOL


  5. “Praying with my pen” – I guess that's what I did when I journaled to God after the accident that took two brothers and a sis in front of me as we were on the way to my dad's funeral. Out of the journaling came sanity and peace for me, and eventually also a book that has seemed to help others through grief.


  6. Rachel- I am honored to have you stop by and comment on the post. I have been refreshed by your written prayers and often find myself writing prayers after I read/pray yours. Glad you enjoyed the magic 8 ball prayer…it really just jumped out of my pen and surprised me with joy and conviction. And felt good to express to Jesus how I was feeling at that moment.


  7. Esther- I am so saddened to hear of your loss. God truly brings about healing through our pens. Would love to hear more about the book He gave you. Peace – Kel


  8. Esther, your beautiful rocks bless me and all of your sharing. I will have to read your book at some point. Journaling has kept me sane through my life for sure. It's cheaper and more useful than therapy. Love and hugs to you, Dawn


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