He Blinded Us With Science (A scientifically, snowy, loving week)

Well in Rhode Island we have had snow, snow, snow, wind and cold. For all of these I am thankful!
I am a snow Bunny. Well, I just like to snuggle in, read and write, so it is a great season for me. 
Oh, and taking pictures of that white stuff is fun, too!

Home-school week three was underway and Dad was home to lend a hand in the Science and Math departments- Hooray! He also happened to cook up a storm of his own- my hubby loves to cook and bake. It’s like therapy to Him! So he made Thai food, caramel corn and many other deliciously exotic (not low calorie) dishes. All from scratch. Me? I tried to bake Oatmeal Scotchies over the weekend and they came out looking like granola. But, hubs said they still tasted good. Sigh. 

Hub told me to “get lost” on Tuesday morning for a much needed break. I packed up an arsenal of books, pens, paper and headed to Panera. I returned fresh and life seemed good, once again.
All went well and this mama was a happy chickie!

Walking outside in the Winter Wonderland was so beautiful…sadly I did not get down to the beach. Boo!

Then these on Valentine’s Day- Aw! What girl doesn’t love flowers?

Seriously, the bird watching here lately has been getting intense!
Who’s watching who?

Lastly, I am so excited to begin this journey with many of you all this week!
Please, join us for the journey if you would like, but if not- feel free to  drop in and visit along the way. Starting this Wednesday morning (post will be live at 12 AM Eastern) we will be journeying together, a 40 day venture (actually 47)  to draw near to the heart of God and to seek deeper intimacy with Him through our praying pens! We will meet on Wednesdays to share a bit, laugh, encourage and enjoy a bit of community in this sweet space! I will start my journey Wednesday morning…maybe even with a candle burning. I am seeking a special time of intimacy with the Lord.  I will have my pen and paper along with this book. Mostly the Holy Spirit Himself will be present. I will be praying each of you is blessed.
For more info and links, click on the book image at the left hand side of the Blog!

#395- That I am loved, and that this Love is faithful, perfect and true. Forever love comes from above, is poured over us gently as beautiful, manna like snow flurries.

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