Am I Greatly Loved? (5 Minute Friday: Beloved)


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Beloved. A word that does not really resonate well with me. I wonder why? It should, perhaps. Beloved is “a person who is greatly loved” and I ask myself, am I greatly loved? And I know the answer because love does not tip toe in through back doors in the dark nor does it parade itself grandly from the lofty places. But it quietly, faithfully serves in the small places where there are gaps, and holes and places that need filling and mending and loving. Love serves and works hard, day in and day out without calling attention to itself. Am I greatly loved? Love gets up when it’s tired and serves alongside the weary worker bringing encouragement, inspiration, and renewal. I think of Jesus and His example and God’s love, yet I am humbled by the fact that He uses the least of us, the smallest, the least likely and I wonder why we want to scurry up to the place of attention and wonder if we are seen, loved, heard. When all the while He is holding out open arms, scarred and longingly looking our way…Beloved, I see you, love you, hear you, and I have loved you with and everlasting love. He sends husbands, and wives, sisters, and brothers and tells us to go and do likewise. Fulfill our destiny.  I wonder why I should ever wonder why this word does not resonate well with me.
It should, because I am. And you are. We are His beloved. Greatly loved I am. Dear to heart, we are. Am I greatly loved? Yes, indeed, I am.


I had a hard time with this word…so much swimming through my mind the day after Valentines’s Day and a hubby who was off for two days, alongside me helping me so much that it blew me away…and the verse that comes to my mind now at the end of it all ( the 5 minute writing- now I am just rambling!) is that We love Him because He FIRST loved us (1 John) and I am grateful for a hubby that sometimes models well, quietly that Christ like laying down of his life in the daily details …and often just when I need it most and faithfully when I am doing just fine as well. 

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6 thoughts on “Am I Greatly Loved? (5 Minute Friday: Beloved)

  1. Yes, indeed. Thank you for this beautiful piece – it is good to know others also struggle with FEELING Beloved, even though they know the Truth that should set us free.


  2. Beautiful post! Yes sometimes I even ask Jesus if He loves me and He's like, “DON'T SAY THAT! Ask me to tell you I love you…You know I love you…”I just never really thought of being worthy enough for someone to love me deeply. It's all about self esteem I have to work on.But God gives me a taste of His love out of the blue!Hugs ♥


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