Let Me Count The Ways { My Husband is Awesome Link up}

 PLEASE Join me to link up all of the reasons our Hubby’s are awesome 
February 3rd-13th! 

Write up a post and come link up to celebrate our men! 

Honestly  I do this because I know I am guilty of not appreciating my hubby as much as he deserves, so let’s join together in an exercise of honoring our hubs and God by focusing on the many wonderful attributes we take for granted daily and sing out the praises of our great guys and faithful God for providing them! 

I will choose one of the linked Husband posts to be shared on my blog in full as a special Valentine feature. 

 It can be short and sweet, 
in letter form to him,
 or a few points or bullets, 
 or poignant
 I promise this exercise will be a wonderful gift to your hub, yourself and God!

See my first “My Husband Is Awesome” post  HERE. The Remix HERE
Now let’s have some fun counting the ways!
Don’t forget to LINK back to us- so we can share the love!


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4 thoughts on “Let Me Count The Ways { My Husband is Awesome Link up}

  1. I appreciate you getting the ball rolling, Susie! I hope others will want to participate- I figured it is good for all of us to do and hence- hope we all have a blast doing so!Hugs!


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