Random Journal Day Link up {February 2013}

Welcome to Random Journal Day!

Rules, Schmules…Check them out HERE!

Please share your precious journal pages with us!
Inspire us, encourage us and be inspired and encouraged yourself!
Writer’s, Artists, Journal Keepers of all persuasions!
Welcome, welcome ALL!

This week I am sharing a few quotes about Journals, Journal Keeping, and Creativity!

“For any writer who wants to keep a journal, be alive to everything, not just to what you’re feeling, but also to your pets, to flowers, to what you’re reading.” 
― May Sarton

“Advice to Young Journal Keepers. Be lenient with yourself. Conceal your worst faults, leave out your most shameful thoughts, actions, and temptations. Give yourself all the good and interesting qualities you want and haven’t got. If you should die young, what comfort would it be to your relatives to read the truth and have to say: It is not a pearl we have lost, but a swine?” 
― Rosamond Lehmann

Seriously, I can’t agree with the above statement although I LOVE it!
I am a swine. So be it. I am what I am, for better or worse, that journal shows it.
My journal, myself- it is what it is. 
Not hiding there. However it is worth a ponder!
~Dawn 😉
“Isn’t it mysterious to begin a new journal like this? I can run my fingers through the fresh clean pages but I cannot guess what the writing on them will be.” 
― Maud Hart Lovelace

“I should rather like to tear these last pages out of the book. Shall I? No-a journal ought not to cheat.” 
― Dodie Smith


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