31 Days of Praise- Enjoying God Anew {Book Review}

31 Days of Praise- Enjoying God Anew by Ruth Myers is a must read book for every Christian. The book is broken mainly into three specific parts. Part One is designated as the “How To” chapter as well as an invitation into entering into praise with scriptural support and definition of praise and how it is instrumental to worship.

” Praise can be quiet and meditative. But it can also include celebrating and exulting in the Lord’s majesty and splendor, His sovereignty, His limitless power, and His bountiful love-which we do not in the least deserve. In praise we exalt and magnify Him. Praise includes speaking highly of God to other people, as well as directly to Him.”

It is mentioned that one of Satan’s strategies is diverting Christians from praise, and I wholeheartedly agree. How often do we find ourselves grumbling, complaining, cursing in response to the small details of the day.

Part Two is the actual 31 Day plan of practicing praising God. These day by day scripture referenced pages of prayers will do the same thing for your prayer life that physical exercise does for your body. Initially the benefits seem unseen, but they allow for a wonderful paradigm shift that we all need and desire at the core of our being. Confidence in the presence of God and stronger faith in all circumstances is the goal of every Christian for in these we glorify God.

Part Three seals the deal on the importance of choosing praise in light of our unique purpose, despite circumstances, secular values, and for victory in our daily walk on this earth.

“Through praise you  give God something no one else in Heaven or Earth can give: the love and adoration of your heart.”

“Did you know that praise can help you fulfill your destiny, your chief purpose in this life and the next? The Westminster Catechism condenses volumes of scriptural truth when it says: The chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.”

This book is both rich and concise with truth. Not a word is wasted. Heavily hi-lighted and highly recommended I offer this excellent book, Christian resource and review with hopes that you will be empowered and blessed at the outcome of reading it for yourself.

 *I bought this book myself and am reviewing it because I believe it is worthy of sharing my thoughts and opinions. I do a blogging program with Blogging For Books through Waterbrook/Multinomah but this particular book was not one received as part of that program. I chose to add the link for convenience and further information as a courtesy to my readers.

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8 thoughts on “31 Days of Praise- Enjoying God Anew {Book Review}

  1. Any book that reminds and encourages us to lift heart and hands to God is worth reading; thanks for highlighting it. ~Blessings to you


  2. Hi Dawn,Great review.Praise and worship are key in spiritual battles. When you read the story of the walls of Jericho, you will noticed that at the front of the line of people circling the wall are those praising and worshiping God. We are made to worship Him and when, in all circumstances, we give Him honour and glory, all spiritual warfare will crumble because God is number 1. Blessings hon,<


  3. I could swear I had this book some years back. Is it a new edition? No matter — it WAS a wonderfully joyous book that I found encouraging and inspiring. I love that you said that 'not a word is wasted.' Agreed!!! Great review, Dawn. :)Pam


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