A History of Mondays {Who Does This?}

I didn’t mean to get this carried away. But I did. Who does this? Apparently me! So do me yourself a favor, click on over to one of these here Monday posts-find something that catches your attention and have a smile, will you? This is what Mondays are like around here. I posed a question over at my Facebook page and the consensus was to keep Monday posts in my new Blog Schedule. I decided to look back and link them…well when the ADHD kicks in there is not one bit of reasoning happening here but I just enjoyed so much looking back at these snippets …It is truly my most personal bit of blogging. Pics from the home-front  randoms, what I am reading, some of what I am doing, thinking. I am not sure I got them all, I mean…who knew there were so many Mondays? I know this is a crazy, random, borderline psychotic list. But hey, there you have it. It all started with a visit to lowercase letters and her Miscellany Monday link. Soon I was linking with Ramona at Create with Joy, and then Ann at a Holy Experience. I now link with a few more but these three really shape my Monday post. I share my multitudes, miscellanies, and some creativity along the way. 
*Next week I will return with my first Miscellany Monday of January 2013, and perhaps share which of these was the most viewed. If I can figure it out! 
Have a fabulous week. 

A History of Mondays…

This is my first Miscellany Monday post- it was for Courtney’s (Women Living Well) Blog Bash for 2011! This is a *Here I Am and welcome to my world post if ever there was one. 
I had not yet discovered Ann Voskamp nor read her book but it’s beginning to look a lot like a * list of 1000!It is also when I begin to notice my extreme tendency to add exclamation points to most of my writing…! But, why? 
It’s really weird looking back at *snippets of your life, yes? I hear a bit of sting in this post. Course this was shortly after the injury that got me blogging so regularly. 
Have you ever read something you wrote and thought to yourself, “My how snarky.” ? No, really it’s a word. Ask my friend Susie! She started it! Enter exclamation point excess now. !!!! *Madness I tell you!
Seriously, *I take some good pictures, more by accident than design- but this post has some amazing photographic beach delights for those who are so inclined. Hey what can I say, the Creator makes some awesome artwork. I just click away!

Dangerously * random before Christmas…the postess with the mostess.
Oh my goodness, I just loved this one! The post in which a * mannequin comes for Christmas. This is the problem with grandparents. The grandchild says “I want” and they actually listen. Sigh. In which I also get a big fat Christmas present of “that” job rejection. One week before Christmas. 
Rocking 2012, with a plunge, a word and a mission: John 3:30. The first Monday of January 2012.* Here it is!
Wow…more great pictures: I am the unofficial Local Tourist. * Castles, Cliffs and Closets– Oh my!
Martin Luther King Monday and memories of the week.
Snowman abuse, Poppins, Suzanne Collins and Girl Scout Controversy.* Inquiring minds want to know? Hmmm…and what Thumper says.
The post in which I share the most beautiful feet in the world (in this momma’s eyes!) and * a few other randoms. The inception of Random Journal Day! 
A broken rock but a solid Rock to stand on…here I declare I pull no punches. But sometimes life does, and  * this is how I roll
Then there are times where I am just hanging on for the ride….as in coasting.
An *unanticipated journey and when the police call my house to inquire about my stalking neighborhoods taking pictures of peoples property. 
The beginning of my Holy Experience and *counting to 1000 with Ann…and a whole bunch of new friends!
Then a really cool thing happens, and then and then and then God gives a White Rainbow. No really!
Gummy Bears, a shaved cat, and people really should not judge others right? I am a Toys R Us Kid…after all. Um, seeing is believing- just go *READ THIS NONSENSE
Rich in Christ, but cash is nice…in which * I am just silly.
Delicious post with guest appearance by some jellyfish.* It is what it is.
When I start to get tired because I am wondering how I manage to do so much and wonder if I can make a career out of it. The writing of it that is…The Roving Reporter Without A Job strikes again? 
How do I keep coming up with these * ridiculous titles for my Monday Posts? This is really the Cat’s meow.
Saying goodbye to my Dear FIL, Blogger Prayer Project and a butterfly that caught my eye. It’s all in this here post
When * a post sparks a friendly feud between husbands of bloggers (or their blogging wives who hold cameras and publish silly, fun posts of husbands in Tee-shirts) who happen to work for competing Home Improvement Enterprises…teehee.
*Randoms from my week…with some original art work from my girl.
*Most food ever in a post and toast that smiles back at you?
Journals and roses, tea and prayers…*What I read, write think and do…it’s all HERE.
Where I begin to appreciate Dark Shadows and *care not if I am judged…and am held in the hand of Rene Swopes.
*Ocean Cliff Daisies, a dog, more prayers for Bloggers, and My Girl.
When I realized *I am blessed…in both common and uncommon places. 
*“I do”, My awesome Chili, Tall Ships and more food again? 4th of July.
Who needs a *VACATION? Pictures of Maine.
*More of Maine…sigh. Beautiful, scenic, Weld.
*In the face of tragedy (Movie Massacre)-there is hope.
*Can’t shut my mouth and soon it will be Shark Week…
Oh yeah Baby! A week in my life, *Summer Style
The day *I learned to surf, my BFF makes a blog, and more random fun
*It’s my Birthday and other yummy tidbits.
I think I have a thing for *Smiley Faces. Lots of family around the house and otherwise kind of photos (for those who are stalking). 
This is the TOP VIEWED Monday Post. Is it the *Title or Content? Not sure but just in case you are interested. Cool videos included. 

*This one is also popular. I am sure it is the title! We don’t have it all together…
Planners and presents and my cute dog…Deal gently with me Monday, indeed!
Pumpkins, *Post Hurricane, My girl is growing up…REACH
Serious fun…but sorry for the insanity. 
You know you can count on me for that!

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