Nothing Is Worth More Than This Day {RJD January 2013}

Nothing is worth more than this day.

Well, today’s journal share comes from January 9, 2001. At this time I am not only a new mom (my Girl is about 3 months old) but a single one, trying to figure out how to balance all: work, taking care of me, church life, real life and motherhood. Join me now as we journey back in time for a peek into my heart and journal for some random mommy musings…

Well here I am Lord. Lord, I just want to live a simple life honoring you. Lord, thank you for today. Lord, forgive me for not taking more initiative today. Lord, help me to fix that. You know these things, Lord. 

Today, I got to pray, straighten Katherine’s room, eat three meals (healthy), take a shower, teach class at the gym, Talk on the phone to A, and the Lactation Consultant and well, the apartment is in fairly decent shape. The cats are fed. Hmm…so thank you, Lord. I think I am going to add a Weight Training Instructional to my schedule. Lord, help me do a good job. 

Lord, help me, guide me, lead me. Lord protect Katherine and help me be the mother she needs. 

I have been reading Romans in my Bible although not today.

Katherine blesses me more each day with her smile. Her little sweet face. Oh  yes, I gave her a bath tonight, too. Phew! We did have a busy day.

Yesterday I used the new crock pot my mom got me for Christmas. 
The best part about my life at this point is being clear about what I want for my life- God central and number one. Simplicity. There’s so much I don’t need…I’m learning this.

Lord, help me to live in the details of my life pleasing and honoring to you. Let me know you in the smallest moments. Let Katherine and I always know your hand of love, mercy and protection. 
What I love about looking back in the journals I have, is seeing some of the same lessons and themes coming through. Also seeing His faithful “hand of love mercy and protection” in the pages revealed anew. 
I am still learning the lesson that there is much I don’t need. I get a giggle when I think of how the day’s victory consisted of both my daughter and I being bathed…and the cats fed. It’s those little victories in motherhood, right? And in life that get us through one day at a time! Growing in grace…until He comes. 
See you next time!
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7 thoughts on “Nothing Is Worth More Than This Day {RJD January 2013}

  1. Such a sweet peak into your life here Dawn. You ought to be so very proud of yourself you know! You have raised up a wonderful little woman, held some pretty impressive jobs and kept your faith in the middle of the struggle. Yay you!


  2. Visiting from Google+ hop & now following you. I haven't opened my journal yet, but should & get going in the new year. Now following.Visiting from @


  3. This was very precious. I love all the little side notes of things you did. You certainly had a full plate…I am in awe of how God was with you then and how you have grown in Him so much during these years. You are amazing, Praise God!


  4. So remember those days, and how hard they were at times–even without having to do it alone. Your strength pours from these words. Or perhaps I should say, HIS strength pours from your words.


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