The Inspiring Women Series {how to give birth to a dream}

The Inspiring Women Series actually came about from something I had a desire to start many years ago at my church. I am a naturally inquisitive girl who likes to ask a lot of questions. I enjoy finding out about how people come to their conclusions on topics and beliefs. As a newly married chick, I thought it might be good to pick the brains of some of the women at church to find out all I could about, faith, marriage, life and their unique perspectives on each. I shared the idea with my Women’s ministry leader who loved it and encouraged me to go ahead and do it with her support. I would interview a list of women at the church and team up with a few others to share with the congregation through a bulletin. Unfortunately it did not come to fruition at that time but when I began blogging, a new list of women began to emerge in my mind. As you read yesterday, the 30 day challenge allowed many more ideas to come forth from this fertile little mind garden of mine. Think of writing as a garden. The more tending and nurturing the more growth and harvest! I started to realize that since this was not my full time career (and I was out of work) I may as well be bold! I chose women, not for their level of celebrity but for their unique ability and gifting to inspire and touch others in their specific expressed vision. I became bold in my asking and  received all “yes” answers much to my delight and surprise. The Inspiring Women Series found it’s way into the Blogosphere last November and I have been greatly blessed by the sharing from each of the women who honored me with their yes! 
Here is a list of the women and their guest posts or interviews,
starting with the initial prompt that initiated to BIG PUSH!

Inspiring Women Announcement and Post

Jenny Penton: Creator of Planner Perfect, Homeschooling Mom and Inspiring Woman! Jenny wrote about her vision to encourage women to plan their lives with purpose and she gave three excellent tips to apply immediately-don’t we all love practical tips that we can use right away?
Jenny’s Post

Susie Klein blogs at Recovering Church Lady and is my sweet co- host for the Random Journal Day link up!
I was inspired by a post that Susie wrote which shared from one of her own journals. I contacted her and asked if she would like to start a link up based on the idea since I am a compulsive Journaler! She concurred and immediately delegated the details to me and Wala! Random Journal Day was born! Susie wrote a post for December last year and it is the Most Viewed post on my blog to date! A blessing for the season awaits you in the reading!
Susie’s Post

Penny Price is a former Ms Olympia Contestant, fitness model, nutritionist and coach. Back in my competitive lifting days I appreciated women who maintained a level of femininity and grace and class in a complex and complicated sport dominated by men and without clearly defined judging standards. There were a handful of athletes I admired and who epitomized what I hoped to accomplish at that time. Penny was sweet enough to grant me an interview and I was blessed to have the opportunity!
Penny’s Interview

Dianna Sanchez is a freelance writer and editor who shares at Beauty In The Storm. Dionna wrote an encouraging women’s newsletter called Emphasis on Moms which was my first connection to online/internet Christian women connection. Dionna shares at these places: A Woman of PurposeEveryday Christian,
Beauty In the StormInfluencing Lives BlogA Lasting Foundation Blog. Dionna wrote a guest post that was perfectly timed for me last year called “Things Change”.
Dionna’s Post

Rudy Galdonik spoke at a women’s event at my church and I enjoyed her storytelling style and humor so much I just felt like I wanted to know more about her! Rudy is truly a gifted speaker and her stories are memorable! I still remember the details of the story she shared about lightning bugs and her son’s hike across the Appalachian Mountain Trail his Senior year of High School!
Rudy’s Interview

Dawn Stegall heads up an online Scrapbook Site called Faithfully Yours which offers heaps of inspiration for spiritually minded scrapbookers through the act of Faithbooking. Dawn also offers personal encouragement through a Facebook group where members share projects and prayer requests!
Dawn’s Interview

Sharon Linder is a multi-talented woman who has put her business savvy and entrepreneurial spirit to work by designing a unique women’s patient gown (in place of the dreaded “Johnny”) and offering a portion of proceeds to help women get mammograms who are not able to get them otherwise. I know Sharon personally and I promise you she is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met! You must check out Janes  and Sharon’s coolness for yourself! 
Emily Wierenga is an author, artist, speaker, God loving, soul baring, fellow blogger and all round female superhero: mom & wife. She recently authored Chasing Silhouettes which chronicles her journey to healing and offers insights and support for those who are dealing with a loved one who has an eating disorder. 
I now want to announce the return of The Inspiring Women Series starting with a wonderful guest post tomorrow! You don’t want to miss it! It just might inspire you to give birth to your own dream that is sleeping within. 
Look for authors, artists, entrepreneurs and many more inspiring women in the New Year!
Please come by tomorrow for a very special guest and guest post!

*This post is part of The 12 Days of Blog Posts, weekends and Wednesdays in December!*

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