Accepting A Challenge {Giving Thanks Challenge}

Last October (2011) I somehow came across Leah @ South Breeze Farm who was hosting a 30 Day Challenge called The Giving Thanks Challenge. I jumped in, feet first and I want to tell you that first 30 Day challenge somehow set the pace for my blogging ever after! Thereafter it seemed difficult not to post daily on my blog. The practice of both writing to publish daily and the topic of thanksgiving jet propelled me into a surprisingly joyful state in my writing life. It also did become my own new blogging standard. Prior to that I posted regularly but not daily (If that is saying much being all of 6 months into the Blogging world at the time!). I think the momentum of this was great for my blog, creativity, writing practice and new inspiration did find me daily. Below are the 27 posts that found their way into the Blogosphere last November (2011). I don’t expect you to read them all, but just in case a certain title strikes you go on and read it. 
Otherwise, I wanted to just share with you the blessing of accepting a challenge, jumping in and seeing where it leads you! This year I participated in another challenge and The 31 Days of Faith Life Preservers was born. I wrote them while battling discouragement in my own walk of faith. So, don’t wait for perfect circumstances! Jump in somewhere for a challenge or start your own! We all have something to share. 

1. Is God Good
2. God Is Not Your Magic Wand
3. The Gift Revealed
4. Just For Today
5. A Truly Grand Grandmother
6. My Creator Elohim
7. Miscellaneous, Mischievous Monday, Yay!
8. I Am New! Are You?
9. The Valley of The Shadow of Death
10. Childlike Faith
11. A Great Cost
12. Victory Over Death
13. In Everything Give Thanks: Group Writing Project
14. Merging Miscellaneous Thanksgivings
15. A Few Good Friends
16. Contentment: The Gift of a Grateful heart
17. Mask or Armour
18. Why Thank You, Come and Sit Awhile!
19. Let’s Hear It For The Boys
20. Peace Through Blood
21. Madness I Tell You, Sheer Madness!
22. My Kind Of Gym
23. The Gift of Laughter
24. The Three Trees (A Fable About Gratitude)
25. What God Knows
26. Thankful For Inspiring Women in my Life
27. Giving Thanks Conclusion and Random Musings

I really only missed one day of posting as the other two missing posts were a guest post, Jenny Penton of Planner Perfect) and book review A Year with Jesus by R.P. Nettelhorst.

It was a great challenge, and I thoroughly enjoyed the way God was faithful to give me new insights and words daily! So my conclusion, friends is if you see a challenge and are considering it- jump right in! It just might change everything! Happy Writing!

*This post is part of The 12 Days of Blog Posts, weekends and Wednesdays in December!*

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  1. “Don't wait for perfect circumstances”, I love that you said this Dawn. It is an encouragement to me. Thank you.


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