Crickets In The Loft {Guest Post by Lee Boardway}

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Throughout our lives, we make an effort to keep our minds focused on the job-at-hand; whether it’s the serious issues in our work-a-day lives, or simply our desire for some quiet time. Occasionally, little distractions creep in, causing our thoughts to become “derailed” and disturbed. These events – like the crickets in the loft that keep us from our sleep at night – are seen as troublesome and unwanted interruptions. However, if we take the time to “listen” to them, we may find that the “crickets” are trying to tell us something important. Perhaps these pesky little critters are even sent by God, to teach us a needed lesson. But how often do we treat these harmless little events as if they were a plague of locusts that we simply want to escape from?
Wisdom can be a subtle, elusive thing. We humans tend to be very determined in our ways and yet we can fail to see that, sometimes, we are heading into on-coming traffic. You would think it would be obvious that we are in error, but our tendency is to think: “Why are those idiots driving in the wrong direction?!” This is an excellent time to apply humility (not to mention the brakes)!
If we are so busy with the requirements of daily life that we have no time to “escape to the wilderness” and find time to ponder things, then we cheat ourselves and we lose out on learning things that could supply us with the resources we need; resources that could help our lives become more efficient.
I don’t mean to imply we are machines in need of an oil change, or tune-up; I am saying that we are much more than the physical matter that occupies the space we are standing in.
We have a nature within us (our spirit) that is like a flower: it needs the rain of hope, in order to survive in this difficult world. The question is: where does the rain come from and, when it comes, do we revel in its refreshing, or do we complain that now our clothes are wet, and we are cold and miserable? If we look around us, we can see how many people treat these “crickets” like vermin to be stamped out – their faces show it.
We are all too often “Martha”, when we should be “Mary”. 
This is a Biblical reference that was used as a lesson to teach us that, 
when wisdom is near, we need to listen to it and not be waylaid but the rote duties of life.
So take heed – have “ears to hear” – and you may find that your 
“crickets” are actually trying to help you.
Lee Boardway

Lee on Lee: I was born in 1958 in a town near the Maine coast and have lived my life in a little “outpost” community on the edge of the great Northeast wilderness. From the start, I struggled with shyness – even retaining much of it, until recent years. Yet, in looking back, I can see the Lord’s hand at work in all my trials and in all my paths. In January of 2010, God began to “work overtime” to bring the results of years of prayer and “faith-walking”: He brought to me the perfect wife, and the two of us are continually amazed and humbled at what He has done. Although I cannot perceive His plan for us, I know He will be using us for His glory, as we yield ourselves to His will.

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