Under The Radar {Faith Life Preservers- Day 19}

There are days when the sun comes up, friends that I need to fly solo. 
There are days when I want the quietness to have a chance to seep deep
 into my soul and fill me to overflow.
I hear Heaven in the quiet places.
Sometimes my busy, boisterous, blessed being needs to disappear off the 
Radar Screen of life
and disappear into the presence of God.
Years ago I would just take off into the wild, blue yonder.
I would just drive off (no I am not a pilot) to a favorite beach, 
town or “off the beaten path” coffee shop.
I would walk, think, reflect, write in my journal, and chat with strangers.
These days it’s different.  
Parenting kind of thwarts the desire for spontaneous escapades too far from home. 
My hubby works out of the state and although it’s not far, 
it’s far enough in my parental mind, that I stay closer to the nest.
Just in case. 
My under the radar disappearing act is different now.
I love to disappear into the quiet stillness of my own home when family
 is out at work and school.
 It does not happen often, but when I can escape into the sweet beauty of a quiet, 
day I am blessed, refreshed and so much more willing to fly happily in my flock once more.
Often I have a multitude of outside of the home obligations.
But a sweet day when I can hear the ticking of the clock, 
the settling of the house in seasonal change 
and whistle of the tea kettle on a quiet afternoon, 
I feel blissfully overflowing with stillness and full of a piece of quiet 
that I cling to like a precious treasure. 
Where’d she go?
Have you found a way to grab “a piece of quiet” by flying under the radar?

Some days the kindest thing you can do for yourself and 
those you love is by grabbing some alone time in a way that refreshes you.
Plan a day to disappear off the radar screen of obligations, commitments and tasks.
Be refreshed by flying under the radar!
When you are back in view, you will be like new! 
31 Days of Faith Life Preservers 
October 1-31, 2012
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Published by enthusiasticallydawn

Dawn Paoletta is the author of Journaling for Discovery and Delight. Her writing is included in several anthologies and her poems have been included in the Wickford Poetry and Art Exhibit and Books. Dawn is currently working on her next book. Inquiries at dawn.paoletta@gmail.com

7 thoughts on “Under The Radar {Faith Life Preservers- Day 19}

  1. I love to escape and hide myself in God too Dawn. I do so by taking quiet time in my kitchen when it's quiet and I'm on my own. Sometimes, when it's dry, I love sitting on the bench outside. I don't drive and so I can't take off anywhere either, but it doesn't really matter. I used to think I needed to go away somewhere to speak with God but now I realise that I can be caught up with God in prayer and His Word regardless of where I am. Quote: My under the radar disappearing act is different now.I love to disappear into the quiet stillness of my own home when family is out at work and school. I can see you have learnt the same thing 😀


  2. I used to take a “Sanity Day” from work occasionally, when I knew no one would be home, and I could do just what I wanted…stay in my PJ's all day, read a good book, drink tea, and not even put on makeup or fix my hair…NOW THAT's a great day…as long as no one comes to my door…LOL!


  3. Coming over from Faithful Fridays. I remember exactly what you are saying. I now have an empty nest and times of wonderful solitude and silence but for many years I didn't. My hubby would usually help me find about an hour once a week ( many weeks it didn't happen) for just me. I spent time with God, my bible and my journal. I heard once that Susanne Wesley who had 13 kids, would throw her apron over her head and the kids knew she was praying. Maybe we need to bring back aprons into fashion. LOLSeasons of life, Dawn. Each season brings blessings and challenges and each one forms us. Blessings on you!


  4. Dawn thank you for linking up. This is a truth that we as moms don't let ourselves think is ok. We feel the need to do and when we aren't doing we feel guilty. I've taken a few of these quiet times and feel greatly restored by them. I do miss walking on the beach (which is impossible, since I now live on the prairies), but a quiet spot and a warm cup of coffee is just as good.


  5. Dawn, I wish I could disappear for a day. I would feel very refreshed. But having someone take care of my kids for a day. There is no one that I know who would be able to do that, or willing to do that. So I will take it hour by hour until they are older. Now of course the music on this page is very calming and I sooo soo wish I lived near a beach so I could so I could enjoy its beauty. One day though, I will have me time. However over the last few days I have been blessed to have a few outings with friends! I went to have dinner with a friend coming in from out of town by myself with no kids!! I haven't done that in three years, basically since before I had my first son. It was so fun not to have to hurry out of the restaurant because the kids are getting restless. As always, I enjoyed your post!


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