The Ultimate Superhero {Faith Life Preservers- Day 5}


True confessions. 
Sometimes I have gotten into big trouble when
I have taken on too much and said yes,
to one too many other things.
 I wake up and realize I ‘m not Wonder Woman after all and 
I never did play her on TV, either. 
Occasionally I am her, in my dreams though. 

My journey of faith has brought many lessons about God’s will and timing.
Learning to hear His voice and discern His direction is both a promise
 He fulfills and a honed skill that needs to be developed.
I am grateful He has lassoed me in a few times for correction.
I am also grateful that when my Wonder Woman costume left me 
naked, wretched and humiliated, 
there was a Savior who came by my side, 
lifted me to my feet and dressed me in clothes fitting of His 
very own daughter.
As far as I can tell the world really does need a Superhero.
He has come– and it’s not me!
Phew, that is really good news, friends.
Better still He has already saved the world.
2000 years ago, He fulfilled His purpose when He stretched 
out His arms and uttered these words: 
 He is alive and well today (Hebrews 7:23-25).
Able to save to the uttermost.
Able to uphold that which He saves.
Are you in?
Dear Friend, this IS the Faith Life Preserver that I cling to
 through the daily storms of life.
This is my anchor and hope in the turbulent
 sea of lies and deceit called today. 
Are you hoping in The Ultimate  Superhero and
Faith Life Preserver?
His name is 
 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, 
but to save the world through him.
John 3:17

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12 thoughts on “The Ultimate Superhero {Faith Life Preservers- Day 5}

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just read your profile about fitness and being a natural coach – sounds so interesting. What a great job. Love that idea about fitness for the fainthearted!!


  2. Whoa!!! Loved this!!! I can certainly relate to that Superhero syndrome. Once upon a time, not so very long ago, I thought I was Supergirl. Thankfully, no longer. Anyway, a grand post. And another whoa — John 3:17 was the verse I was lead to earlier this morning. :DCheering you on as you continue with your 31 day postings, my friend.Pam


  3. It's a been there, done that,topic for me. I hate to say no. After harming my health I realized that just because all the “Yes” projects were for God, it didn't matter if I was over committing. You've written very clearly on this valid topic that all of us face at some time.


  4. Yeah, I learned (and keep having to relearn) that I am not WonderWoman or GOD…I can't save everyone and make things happen the way I think they should go…I have to let go and let GOD do HIS job! But it is difficult! I keep wanting to put the cape back on and be a crusader for saving (or changing) the world around me. I tend to think that I know best…and that's when I really get into trouble! Great post. Wish I could sit down with you and chat and give you a big (((hug))).


  5. I definitely know what you mean about never saying “no”…I've struggled with this “wonder woman” syndrome for awhile, but I'm slowly realizing that I need to say no every once in awhile…thanks for the reminder! be blessed 🙂


  6. I like the way you write your posts in poetic style- great reminder that life is poetry, it's up to us to make it rhyme. Not being Wonder Woman has an underlying of not trusting He will do what needs to be done. A matter of control and trust- still trying w/that one.


  7. This was on my reading list from last week, just didn't get to it til now….very insightful as always and I think I need to turn in my Super Woman costume….it doesn't fit me well and I think I know who to turn to in prayer once again. Thanks Dawn. 🙂


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