Santa’s Summer Visit

This past week suddenly felt like Christmas in Summertime
My daughter has been playing Christmas music. 
She said to me one day while riding in the car, “I can’t wait for Christmas.” 
I replied, “Why? Snow? Gifts?”
“Is it because it’s the birthday of Jesus?”
She said, “Everyone is just happier at Christmas time.”  

This made me think of this song….
Everywhere I turned it seems I was getting gifts!
Not just any gifts. 
I think these were on purpose gifts.
It was really odd, the trickling in of these particular gifts.
*A valid paid writing offer. 
*A third interview with what seems to be a wonderful win-win situation 
and great fit for work back in the field of fitness
-followed by immediate involvement.
*Seeing my daughter respond well to a new Piano instructor

Our family celebrates 
Friday with “Champagne” and pizza.
The two wonderful gifts below: one was won, the other was given
for me to use and review at my request.
See this beautiful Word Art plaque. 
Friday I found an e-mail from Jennifer from Sweet Blessings
which told me I won this lovely sign By Grace Alone.
A sweet reminder for my week. 
As well as loveliness for my wall!
Thanks to Jennifer and Melanie @Only A Breath
for making it possible.
I am very thankful and excited about the opportunity to utilize the 
Detailer Planner as I enter into this new season of life. 
I am not sure exactly what God has for me but it is going
to take some good organizing on the go to keep 
all of the balls in the air!
I will be sharing a review in the next few weeks. 
I will also share periodic updates and useful tips 
to help you plan your days well!
(For more details on the DETAILER GO Here
This cartoon was circulating on Facebook and gave me quite a laugh.
Yes, I have been dragged. 
More times than I care to admit.
Grateful for His faithfulness. 
Praise Him for He is Faithful, to drag this unworthy disciple.
Praise Him if He has dragged you and you are grateful, My friend!

Here in Rhode Island we cool off in Summer by enjoying the local 
delicious Frozen Lemonade. 
This is Peach Mango but I usually stick with lemon but I was feeling 
extra fruity on this particular day. 
When in RI in the Summer you must enjoy the local flavor.
Insider Tip: It’s Del’s.

A little Blog Announcement for my fellow Random Journal Day friends.
Susie and I have decided to change our weekly Link Up and Blog Hop
to  MONTHLY instead of WEEKLY.
We appreciate all of you and just feel that this will be best a this time.
Perhaps this will be better for many of you and encourage
 those who have been on the fence about joining in.
We will leave the link open for the month and see how it goes.
All that being said our next Link Up won’t happen until 
September 7th! 
Save the dates:
September 7, October 5, November 2, December 7 
I hope you will all be there!

Stay Cool my Friends!

Let us not forget what week this is.
You know it truly is the most wonderful WEEK of the year-to me!
So don’t call me, I’ll be in front of the tube. 

271. The reality and acceptance 
all is Gift.
miscellany monday at lowercase letters

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