Can’t Shut My Mouth Monday!

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Well friends, around here on Monday I get a bit CREATIVE, RANDOM, and oh so THANKFUL and link up to some really great communities: Ramona at Create with Joy, Carissa at Lowercase Letters and Ann at A Holy Experience. So shall we say: let the games begin! Um… OK, then- here we go!

I have been trying to work on an Altered Book Project in my “spare time”- HA! Spare time is something you have when you are under16 or over 65, right? Well here is a sneak peek at my very first attempt. It is a Maine theme and I adore it. The name of the discarded library book is Wonders Of The Earth. I will share more as this little endeavor progresses! 

This past week I enjoyed sharing my real life Shark Encounter for Random Journal Day.
I am counting down the days to Shark Week, and look forward to watching 
it more than the Olympic Games. 
I know, it’s wrong, but what can I say?
As my wise cracking Grandmother used to say, “To each his own.”
Are you looking at me?
I read this book this weekend because it has been dubbed
by my daughter (now 11) as one of her all time favorites.
She read it in 3rd grade- this was one of those 25 cent finds
that you keep always. She gives it two thumbs up.
If you have little ones, I suggest you get it and read it aloud to them
– you will both love it. Last night she went to bed re-reading it!
“Restrain your voice from weeping, and your eyes from tears, 
for there is a reward for your work, declares the Lord, 
and they shall come back from the land of the enemy. 
There is hope for your future, declares the Lord, 
and your children shall come back…” 
Jeremiah 31:16-17
I want to invite you to an event being held on September 8th for women here in New England.
As Fall approaches our sights will be shifting from Summer days to the many challenges of  returning to school schedules and busy routines. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take ONE morning and hear God’s heart and vision for your motherhood and child at the start of the school season. Whether Kindergarten or College, or whatever phase your child is in- come catch a fresh perspective from Him who who loves us with an everlasting love by joining with women from all over New England (and beyond?) in praise, worship, prayer and more. See MORE details here: Heart Cry {Event Invite}
or Here for JUST THE FACTS!
Some of my Praying Mom friends through Moms In Prayer at
Camp Of The Woods for Come To Me -Retreat 2011! 

252.  Encouraging, faithful friends
253.  delicious, spontaneous omelet made by hubby
254. praying, sensitive, listening, non-judgmental sisters in Christ
(you know who you are) with always an encouraging word or wisdom 
to share without being preachy or worse!
255. the gift of faith
256. The faithfulness of God which I count on each day
257. His never-changing word
258. The promise of His presence
259. grace for this moment
260. Hope for tomorrow

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10 thoughts on “Can’t Shut My Mouth Monday!

  1. Yes, I'm thinking there is no such thing as real spare time at this stage of the game. 🙂 Looks like you are making a little progress on your project, though. Thanks for sharing!Thanks also for sharing that scripture in Jeremiah. It's a favorite of mine, and has been one I've held on to in various stretches of life. I needed that reminder this morning. Thank you!Have a great week,Karen


  2. Love your altered book project so far. You've got a good eye making it pretty. 🙂 Spontaneous omlet cooked by your husband…lucky woman. Food made for you always tastes so much better than what you make yourself.Have a blessed week (Shark week's fast approaching!)


  3. I needed this link this morning…I am waiting (seven months in…) to move to MA and my heart is more than a little achey, missing hubby and trying to be patient and I would LOVE to attend the Heart Cry event if we can get up there in time! It's already on my calendar! Please pray I can make it! A beautiful list of beautiful reminders that totally spoke to my heart. I love your book project–I just started art journaling myself. Thank you for this post =0)


  4. Dawn, thanks for linking up with me today over at Sweet Blessings! So nice to “meet” you! :)I have to tell you that I fell in love with your blog the second I clicked! I am SO a beach girl! Our family is headed for vacation to a beach at the end of the month and we CAN NOT WAIT! 🙂


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