My Maine Bucket List

When in Maine one must do what “Maine-iacs” do. What is that, you wonder? Well, aside of walking through the woods in a red and black checkered flannel shirt and hiking boots tapping trees for Maple Syrup, I’m not sure. But, since I am a lover of New England and we are heading for our third annual family vacation in Maine, I will gladly share with you my serious intentions of all I will try to squeeze in while in Maine. For one week. With my Hubby, daughter, her friend (for half the time), and one bunny.

1. Sleep until I wake up (which is usually after 6 hours no matter what!)

2. Not do laundry. I will enjoy 5 days of not doing the laundry. 
Course when I get home it will be frightful.

3. Eat S’mores. Often. Without regret.

4. Enjoy the “shark free” lake while looking forward to Shark Week in August.
So glad it did not conflict with my vacation. Thank you Discovery Channel!

5. Gaze at the mountains, lake and trees until they are etched in my memory enough to last me another year until our next visit.

6. Visit Smalls Falls– we have not gotten there yet!

7. Pan for Gold in Coos Canyon.

8. Hike a mountain. We have done Tumbledown and Mount Blue.

9. Visit Angel Falls

10. If there is still time, I would also like to RELAX!

See you when I get back! 


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  1. Dawn: Have a nice time away. BTW- I applaud you for being able to go a whole week on vacation without doing laundry. I never had that privilege :).


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