Perfectly Purple Prose (RDJ #10)

Hello, fellow Journal Writers! Here is my Random Journal Day share for the purple of purply days.Today I just had to make sure to share the beautiful Peonies that a lovely lady at church picked for me yesterday. I got a sweet message on my phone that if I would like some fresh flowers, to come on over as with the rainstorms predicted, she knew they would be gone by the weekend! What a blessing! I love fresh flowers and these are beauties! Of course I enjoyed our visit and chat while she shared with me during that time. I actually call her my church mum. Aren’t they gorgeous?
Course, I have to confess I had to put them on the only neat spot in the kitchen- the top of the microwave 
(but please don’t look real close) to take a decent picture. As I tried to take the picture last night the background was filled with “messy kitchen”, ie. dirty dishes piled; busy, cluttered table full of shopping treasures of the day and randoms from my hubs. Anyhoo…hence what I like to call the Micro-Rooster background at my home studio! On the microwave with our Rooster pictures as a backdrop. I found some purple for this post today!

June 24, 2004
Psalm 23:1
The Lord is my Shepherd;
I have everything I need.

This verse ministers to my heart and 
I love this version –
what a wonderful affirmation 
for developing a heart of contentment. 
This is the New Living Translation and 
The Living Bible, I believe.
I first read the version with the words 
“I have everything I need”
 when I was using a children’s Bible verse book 
and we would read and memorize it.
I like it better than
 “I shall not want” because
 it is a positive affirmation
and really speaks of God’s 
leading and provision and of course
 His everlasting presence and faithfulness. 
See the purple? Actually, Lavender! 😉
Have Purple Weekend, Friends!

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8 thoughts on “Perfectly Purple Prose (RDJ #10)

  1. Having grown up when the translation choices were King James and Revised Standard Versions, I have had to learn to like the more modern versions. I had not realized the NLT and TLB words for this passage were in a more positive form. Thank you for sharing that with us.


  2. I don't remember if I have read that version or not – but I loved it – Jesus loves the little chidlren and I think their simple view. Sandie


  3. Ah, the welcome words of the Living version. Thank you. (Last month I just did a quick overview of “Reclaiming Psalm 23” on my blog because so often it's thought of as being about death rather than life. You get right to the heart of it! By the way, my answer to your question about my novel is in a reply on my blog.:)


  4. Yes, what more could we need, if “The Lord is my Shepherd”? HE is everything we need! I love your peonies…they don't grow in Florida and I miss them so much. I was thinking about peonies just alittle while ago because I was enjoying the scent of my magnolias so much, and I was trying to remember what other flower scents I love…and peonies is one, along with roses and lilacs. Thank you for your purply perfect post!


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